20 Of The Hardest Female Rappers Of 2020

There’s been a lot of debates and talk on social media about the content and caliber of female rappers’ music. Females rap about their lifestyle which may include money, drugs and sex; as do men. Back in the 90s, Lil Kim, Foxy Brown and Trina were praised for being sexy and vulgar; yet the girls of 2020 are being shamed for it. We all knew we had no business rapping “Not Tonight” word for word and calling ourselves “The Baddest B*tch”, yet we were! I also hear a lot of talk about female rappers not having bars in general. Contrary to popular belief, there are a lot of girls out right now who can most definitely out rap some of your favorite male rappers. If you’ve been following my blog and I for sometime now, you know I’m only here for top tier raps. I’ve been seeing a lot of bogus, female rap lists going around and I only thought it was right to release mine as I always do. After the first two, this list is in no specific order. Don’t get me wrong there are extremely talented artist like Tierra Whack, Rapsody, Tokyo Jetz, Young M.A.,Kay Makavel & Pap Chanel who should definitely should be given their flowers as well but this list to me is about bars, music and influence on the culture overall.

1.Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj has continued to remain relevant and has consistently dropped charting music for over 10 years. Think about it, what female rapper can you say has done the same? I’ll wait… When Nicki Minaj appeared on the scene back in 2007 during the “Come Up DVD” era, there was no girl doing what she was doing. Don’t give me wrong, we had Remy Ma who was definitely doing her thing but she didn’t have the influence on girls that Nicki Minaj did. Granted, Remy did have a few girls with the blonde bangs and the skunk look going on but Nicki Minaj had every girl with Chinese bangs or pink hair. If you really want to get technical, she started the era of every girl looking like a Barbie, as they do now. She influenced a whole new culture. Nicki was one of the first girls to actually get butt shots that everybody knew about. Aside from the influence on girls, Nicki Minaj just has bars period. She’s sliding on every song and always keeps up with the guys. Can you really ever lose with Nicki Minaj on the track? So yes, I believe Nicki Minaj is the best female rapper of all time.

2. Cardi B

After Nicki Minaj, Cardi B is the only female rapper to even come close to having similar recognitions to Nicki Minaj in our generation. To be honest when Cardi B appeared on the scene with gangsta bitch, I was not here for it. I’m sure there’s a tweet somewhere where I have said that Cardi B sucks as a rapper. Now, I’m not sure if she’s become a better writer organically. But nevertheless she’s AF hard now and that's all that matters. She invested her money and did what she had to do to make herself on the top female rappers in the game. If you don’t respect that, you’re hating. I truly respect Cardi’s transition as a rapper and I’m looking forward to see what she comes up with next.

3. Mulatto

I love Mulatto because I’ve watched her grow up since The Rap Game. To be honest, I always knew what Mulatto was hitting for; I was just waiting for the world to notice. I’m glad they finally are. Mulatto is constantly talking that real on every track she drops. She paints a picture of her life on every song. Not to mention, she’s never not been able to keep up on a feature. I literally still have her song "Deserve" with Derez De’shon from 2018, in my rotation. Meanwhile, that song is nothing compared to her songs charting right now. And, if that doesn’t do it for you listen to “No Hook” below:

4. Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion, is one of the female rappers who some would say gained quick success but I think she truly deserves it. I overall think Megan Thee Stallion is a hard a** rapper. She can really freestyle and go to bar 4 bar but she can also make a hit for sure. Not to mention, she's a dancer which makes for an overall great entertainer. In 2019, she dropped a project entitled Fever which totally didn't get the attention it should have. It’s very unfortunate, that her personal life may ultimately effect her career. When Megan, first appeared on the scene I noticed that she was full of great energy but very friendly. As a female in this industry you can’t be too friendly, because it never ends well. I hope moving forward she focuses on the music and stays out the mix therefore she can continue to excel in her career.

5. Flomilli

Flo Milli is just everything to me. She has these super witty and petty bars that I love. I’m not sure if you guys ever heard the term, “it’s not what you say it’s how you say it “ but that’s Flo Milli to me. It makes perfect for charting music because sometimes female rappers, rap too hard for mainstream music. Flo Milli’s voice will collaborate well with pop artist which puts the Alabama native ahead of a lot of female rappers.

6. Asian Doll

A lot of people don’t like to give Asian Doll the respect she deserves. I’m not sure if it’s because they see her as problematic but honestly her little beefs have nothing to do with her music. To be completely honest, Asian Doll was the first female rapper that was girly on that gang sh*t. Yes, Katie Got Bands from Chicago was on that gang sh*t but she wasn’t popping out in rhinestones, platforms and plaid skirts. Aside from the look, Asian Doll can really rap. I can’t name a time when she didn’t keep up with the guys on a track. I literally had someone call me and ask me last week if I thought she was a better rapper than King Von because they were having a debate about it. Alexa, play “Pull Up” by Asian Doll and King Von.

7. BIA

I’m not sure how but I’m just finding out about Bia. I was putting together an all female mixtape wit DJ Baby Drea and “Covergirl” was one of the songs she picked. I played the song back a few times and had to do my research. She’s from Massachusetts which I think Is dope because you don’t really hear of many rappers coming out of there. Therefore, she’s definitely putting on for her city. Not to be ignorant but I didn't know they had girls like her out there.She is all around just super dope. Bia, most recently dropped a song entitled “Same Hands” featuring Lil Durk and I think this is the song that’s going to really get her the recognition that she deserves.


Melii embodies Latina from Harlem. Her music illustrates the lifestyle of alot girls, I know from Spanish Harlem. She’s currently signed under Tory Lanez’s One Umbrella Imprint. Rumor has it, she was suppose to sign to Meek Mill but it didn’t happen for personal reasons. Nevertheless, she’s overall an extremely talented artist. She has the ability to sing and rap. On “Gangsta Talk” she raps “No Ghostwriter Wrote Shit Up On My Song”. If that’s a fact, Melii is unfuckwitable.

9. Coi Leray

You can’t find anyone that's not sweating Coi Leray right now, as they should. I discovered her just searching youtube a few years ago. She had this video entitled “No Lettin Up” and it had 3k views. In my head, I was like “I can tell this girl is a genius, she’s going to be a star”. Fast forward to today, that same video has a little under 800k views. Two weeks ago, she released a video with Gunna which is now at 2.3 million views. I love Coi Leray because she’s very comfortable in her skin and she’s a walking testimony that you can truly be yourself and still obtain high levels of success.

10. City Girls

I’m sure City Girls’ success is still surprising to people but I knew they would be unstoppable from Day 1. I remember a friend of mine, sent me “F*ck That N*gga” and I was like “Oh snap, these girls are our generation Trina”. We all loved Trina growing up but we didn’t really know what she was talking about and we shouldn’t have been rapping it. Now, we grew up and we have girls our age giving us that same energy. JT did a bid in jail and Yung Miami delivered a baby but they still managed to drop 3 solid projects. Period is classic, there’s not one bad song on that mixtape. Then they followed up with Girl Code which had hit records like “Twerk’, “Act Up” and “Season”. June 2020, the duo dropped City On Lock, which I honestly feel hasn't gotten the acknowledgement it deserves. It’s an overall, really great project. Everyone admits to the fact that JT has bars but they sleep on Yung Miami which they shouldn't. On “City On Lock” featuring Lil Durk, she raps in reference to her vehicle being shot up “ Ya'll bum n*ggas caught me lacking, hit the wagon up, Now the hood looking' for em bout' to body bag em up". The situation is unfortunate ofcourse but that's a real ass line. If you need more convincing listen to “F*ck The D To The A" below. FYI, this was before they linked up with Quality Control.

11.Stunna Girl

Stunna Girl is California’s finest. For me, she’s the perfect example of why sometimes diss tracks work. So like a few years ago, I came across this other female rapper and while checking her out, I noticed her and Stunna Girl made diss tracks about eachother. This made me want to hear more from Stunna Girl. I came across her videos, “For The Record” and “Real Rap”. Honestly, there's way too many quotable bars on both of those songs. Since then she’s definitely gained me as a supporter. Last year, she signed a deal with Capitol Records after her single "Runway" went viral. This year her single “Rotation” is featured on Madden NFL 21’s soundtrack. She can only go up from here.

12. Renni Rucci

A few years ago, I came across Renni Rucci’s “Lil Baby Freestyle”. On the song she said “I know a real n*gga that’s locked in the feds, I send them pictures and I send him bread” and I was like “wow, what a bar… she’s a real one” and I supported her ever since. She’s from South Carolina and has some type of partnership with Quality Control. She doesn’t have a lot of features especially with females and no shade, no tea it’s probably because she would out rap them on the track. Renni Rucci is truly the full package when it comes to female rap. She just needs that one hit and she'll be on another level.

13. Lady London

A friend of mine, put me on to Lady London’s freestyles about two years ago. I’ve been rocking with her ever since. I wrote an article about her about a year ago and I compared her to Nas but now that I’ve heard more from her, I get more Jay-z. She’s one of the females that doesn’t really rap about anything sexual which makes the masses proud. Although, she has a lot of freestyles her actual song catalog is thin. I get challenged alot about it when I bring her up in conversations about female rap. I know when she finally does drop a project, it will be timeless. She’s that type of artist. If you want to hear more from her, that isn’t on major platforms; go on Soundcloud and search “Goodbye” and “Chase”.

14. Fakebitcheshero AKA Rocky

Fakebitcheshero aka Rocky, is Philly’s finest. She's even been co-signed by Meek Mill as the hardest rapper coming out of Philly after him. This girl talks very disrespectful in her raps but she can defintely out rap your favorite rapper. The Queen Of The Ring girls are lucky, Rocky never got into battle rap because she would have embarrassed them all with bars and presence. Not only does she have bars, every song she drops can be felt. All she really needs is a little more attention on a main stream level and she’s out of here.

15. Molly Brazy

I’m not sure why but I discovered Molly Brazy a little later than most did. I came across her and Cuban Doll on “Let It Blow” and rocked with her ever since. I actually had the opportunity to work with her when I lived in Atlanta. She’s one of the few girls in the game who have been blessed with the power of the pen. When fans found out that Molly was pregnant a few months ago, they were scared that she was going to fall off but she proved them wrong. Since then, she's dropped her single “Curious” and then followed up with DJ Drewski’s Wet featuring Dream Doll and Rubi Rose and then Mo’ money wit Cuban. She literally just gave birth a few days ago but I’m excited to see how hard she comes now.

16. Dream Doll

I feel like if I don’t add Dream Doll to this list, I would be hating. In the past, I have said that Dream Doll was not a good rapper but she’s changed my mind. One day, I was listening to music on Soundcloud and I came across her freestyle to Meek Mill’s “Save Me”. She let it all out and illustrated her story on the song. I respected this a lot because it showed me that she could rap about things other than the norm. Not to mention, I came across an interview where Dream Doll revealed that she’s not too fond of bars that you have to think about it. In that case, she’s killng the game and I salute her. Aside from music, Dream Doll's personality is a strong representation of a black girl from the hood in New York City. Therefore being from New York, I have to respect her come-up.

17. Billy Bleu

Brooklyn’s Billy Bleu did a feature with friends’ of mine, The Trippy Twins a few years ago. Her verse went so hard that I decided to look her up some more. I then came across her video “Bada$$ Academy” and fell in love. Not only was the visual on point, this girl was talking once again. Since then, she’s been consistently building her name from the East to West Coast. I’m just waiting for her to drop the visual to “War Ready” featuring Fetty Luciano which I know is going to go crazy. Below is my favorite freestyle by her "All Talk".

18. Connie Diiamond

Connie Diamond is one of the most underrated rappers coming out of my city of New York. Someone put me on to her a few years ago and I’ve been following her ever since. She has yet to disappoint me. She constantly comes through with great music and fire visuals. I’m very disappointed that everyone in the city, low key knows about her but she still hasn’t reached that next level. It’s also disappointing because has features with bigger female rappers like Asian Doll and Bali Baby, that never got the attention it should have. Connie recently released a 5 track EP entitled “Trap Elliot 2” which features her going bar for bar on “New Shmurda” and linking with Queens’ favorite Stargiela.

19. Lightskin Keisha

To be honest, Atlanta’s finest Lightskin Keisha scared me for a minute. I thought she was about to not pursue the rapping thing which would have been an issue for me. I found out about her when she dropped “Belive Dat” a few years ago which was super hard. After that, I didn’t really hear much about her musically but this year I’ve been seeing my girl consistently dropping heat. Lightskin Keisha is always coming through with a song to get you hype but won't forget to throw some quotable bars in there. I truly believe, It’s only up from here for her because she is the full package and has a huge support system in her city.

20. K Goddess

Unfortunately, I found about K Goddess when she pulled up to fight to Mariah Lynn. The Brownsville native is obviously really about what she raps about. Not long after that incident, I came across her “Bad B*tch Commandments” video which caught my attention. Then late last year, she released a diss track to Designer which was extremely disrespectful but still great. I now, follow her on Instagram and she recently released a project entitled East Coast B*tch. If marketed correct, this project is going to be the one to get her the attention she deserves it.