21 Questions W. Young B

Young B answers 21 questions about her career, love life and motivation exclusively for me.

1.Who is you musical inspiration?

My musical inspiration is myself 1st I inspire myself honestly I write music off of situations I been through & when you are in this industry long enough you have a lot to talk about in your music but I am also inspired by artist such as Beyoncé, Missy Elliot, French Montana, P. Diddy, Drake & a ton of upincoming artist on their grinds 2.What artist have you never worked with but would like to work?

I would like to work with a lot of artist I plan on working with major & independent artist on many of my new projects I don't have a specific artist that I never worked with that I would like to but if I had to pick it would have to be Drake 3.Who in the industry do you most look up to? I don't really look up to anybody in the industry but I have respect for all artist everybody started off from the bottom & worked hard to get where they are at 4, How do you feel about being known as "the chicken noodle soup girl"?

Being known as the chicken noodle soup girl is cool for now because I haven't really released anything new yet main stream but as soon as I do I will be known as Bianca it doesn't bother me because it's what got my foot n the door in the industry & it's what I will be capitalizing off once I launch my new project but that's coming to an end soon 5. What do you think is wrong with the music game today? I think the music game is missing people that are real people that rap or sing about real stories things that really are going on in their lives or things people can relate to but I feel like the music game is on it's way to getting back on track 6. How do you feel about our generation of female rap? I think our generation of female rap is actually getting into a better state we have nicki minaj on top of the game but we also have artist like iggy Azelia, lil Debbie, Lee Mazin, & myself coming out going hard I think the past generations of female rap didn't have unity like there can only be one rap chick but things are about to change 7. How do you feel about Remy coming home this week?

I'm excited about Remy Ma coming home I miss her she's my family I'm just curious to see what she's going to come out with when she comes home I hope she goes hard & come back like she never left 8. What's your favorite thing to do when not working?

I would say work lol j/k my favorite thing to do when I'm not working is find moreways to make money residual income I have a team we work 25/8 over grind 9. Are you single? Yes I am single 10. What do you look for in a man? What I look for in a man is just for a guy to be himself be as real as possible keep it 100 he has to be funny have a sense of humor, & definitely be a go getter always about his paper 11. Ideal date? My ideal date would be to sky dive or do some crazy Thrill seeking stuff I'm a dare devil 12. Favorite vacation spot? My favorite vacation spot is South Beach but I like any island I love beaches 13. Favorite Designer? My favorite designer is my Mom she designs clothes and is very dope 14. What makes a girl a primadonna? What makes a girl a Primadonna would have to be how you carry yourself always with respect & class Primadonna means Diva, I am an urban Prima which means I keep it hood but still classy PrimaDonnas keep themselves together hair done nails done everything did & always chase paper & dreams ! 15. Do you have a bestfriend? If so who? Yes, I actually have 2 best friends, Gabriella & Dante 16. Would you consider doing reality tv? Yes I would consider doing a reality show my life is crazy it would be really entertaining for people to watch my life 17. How do you stay in shape? Any tips? I stay in shape by trying to eat as healthy as possible health is a major thing to me being that my father is a diabetic for tips I would say get in the gym or my favorite way take dance classes 18. Alot of people say that New york rappers get the least support, do you believe thats true?

Yes I do feel like New York rappers get the least support because the Djs on radio don't play upincoming artist or have big showcases like other states for artist that are not main stream but if you can make it here you can make it anywhere 19.If you could sign to any label what label would it be and why? Right now I can't give that answer, I would probably stay independent until my buzz is back bigger than it was before & then see what labels have a bidding war for me whoever has the best offer that benefits me is who I would sign to 20. What advice would you give someone trying to break into the industry? Advice I would give anyone trying to break into the industry is never give up if it's truly what you want go hard for it & give it your all network every day & work more than u play I got into the industry at 14 so I know how difficult it can be & the in's & outs if you don't network you don't get work ! Just stay focused & work every single day you have to want this more than you want air 21.What can we expect from Young B in the future? We can be expecting a name change to Bianca we can also be expecting lots of new music with videos released with them shooting a big video in Rucker park this summer & a few new videos before fall a new EP & mixtape with a few features everyone knows a clothing line dropping & really just be expecting the unexpected lol

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