Drake Challenges Murda Mook To A Rap Battle

Now, we all know Drake is known for pulling a publicity stunt or two. Yesterday Murda Mook instagramed a photo of himself along with Drake that included the caption "So this is @Champagnepapi telling me he wants to battle me. And he is actually serious! Who got the check?" From that moment on social media went crazy. Mostly with "Drake must be drunk" "That’s an easy win for Murda Mook" and a whole bunch of others that insinuated there was no way Drake could win that battle. If you're not familiar with Murda Mook he is much known throughout the underground rap world for being a great battle rapper. Unlike almost all of my followers and Facebook friends, I honestly don't think this will be an easy win for Muda Mook. A lot of people questioned my sanity and said I must not know battle rap. Before you agree with them, hear me out... Drake is a visionary, storyteller and just all around a great artist. He is also an actor and very good at it. I believe if prepared the right way Drake can definitely give Murda Mook a run for his money, no questions asked. I mean I guess we will all have to wait and see what happens but I know I totally want tickets to that battle!

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