Is It A Good Idea To Date A Alpha Male?


Originally the term alpha male was used to describe the leader of the pack in animal society. Today, it is used to describe dominant men. There are a couple of pros to dating a alpha male but after intensive research, I have come to the conclusion that the cons definitely outweigh the pros. Let me start off by explaining why? Why would a female be attracted to someone such as a alpha male? One word, Confidence! Women love men with confidence and aggression. Dealing with alpha males who have high status can make woman feel important. Like "wow someone of his caliber actually chose me". Alpha males also fulfill many women's desire to be protected. No women wants to be with a man that she does not feel safe with. Innate charisma, great Leadership qualities and ability to achieve success are all pros of an alpha male. Now, I know what your thinking; those are amazing qualities. Why would I not want to date a alpha male? Well first and foremost if you are not built for intense competition, dating a alpha male is totally out of the question and not for you! Alpha males are known for dealing with many women. I'm not saying that an alpha male can not be faithful but women swarm to him and he has a lot of options. The emotions that come with many females, make them incapable of dealing with this situation. Alpha males like to be the leader of all situations which sometimes comes off as very controlling. He is so stuck in his ways that most likely your way of thinking is irrelevant to him. He sees thing his way and his way only. If your used to controlling your life a partner such as a alpha male may come across as overbearing. Eventually you may become sick and annoyed of having no opinion or say. My question to my readers and followers, is dating a alpha male worth it? Is dealing with a man who ignores your voice worth having a protector? Does being one of a thousand girls really mean your special? All women should thoroughly decide if they can handle dating a alpha male before they do and get into deep.

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