Wifey VS. Mistress - Who's #WINNING?

With all the stories circulating the media about cheating celebrities, it has caused an unofficial war between main chicks and side chicks. The big question is why? Why do men cheat? Why do women feel comfortable with playing the position as the mistress? And why do women who know their being cheated on stick around? Well today, I come to you with my findings. Most women believe men cheat because they are insecure. They feel men need options to feed their ego. Studies show this is somewhat true. Now, men are saying it is not that deep. Cheating is strictly a physical and unemotional thing for them. Basically, they just go to other women when “wifey” becomes boring. But, how can you guys explain the former side chicks that get upgraded to “wifey”? Personally, I believe it’s a mixture of all of those things put together. Main chicks are confused. They do not understand how a woman can feel comfortable playing the girl on the sideline, when they know he has a girl at home. The side chicks believe it is easier to be a mistress. They do not want to have to carry the stress of who is he with, what is he doing, when is he coming home, where is he at and why is he cheating? They enjoy the thrill of “no strings attached”. Some say it might be more than that, may it possibly have something to do with the side chick’s upbringing? Finally, the main question is why would someone continue to be with a man who constantly cheats on them? Why not find a man who does not feel it is necessary to have a sideline chick? The conclusion I have come up with from hearing different stories and reading different articles is FEAR. The fear of being alone. The fear of starting something new with somebody new. Hmmm.. WIFEY VS. MISTRESS, who wins in the end?

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