[Chit Chat] Dutchess & Ceasar From Black Ink Jumped


So if you watch Black Ink, you know that Dutchess is probably the most hated cast member. You also know that Ceasar is her boyfriend and she is supposedlly the reason he is no longer friends with Puma, who now has his own shop. Well, lastnight Dutchess posted a video on instagram that was quickly deleted where she seemed extremely upset and mentioned she was jumped by Puma's wife and didn't even get a scratch. Ceasar also posted a picture of his face and said he was jumped as well and also had no scratches. I've been around Dutchess several times and I think she's misunderstood. First impression, yea I would totally think she's a b*tch but after that not so much. I just think she has a strong personality and wants Ceasar to be all he can be. There's nothing wrong with that, that is actually what girlfriends are for. Now, regardless if she's missunderstood if I had a issue with her I would def have to pop her too because her mouth is crazy. But jump not so much she is pretty small.