[MY THOUGHTS] Ray Rice's Wife Speaks Out....

Yesterday, there was talk everywhere about the video from February that surfaced on TMZ. The video was of Raven's player Ray Rice knocking out his, now wife Janay Palmer. I did not talk about this incident on my social media or release a blog about it. The reason is because domestic violence a serious issue that no woman should have to go through. Janay Palmer, decided to marry Rice after the incident, therefore she decided to overcome the traumatic experience. Now, I'm not saying marrying someone who knocks you out and drags you is the bright thing to do but that's her decision. As a woman, I feel for her and wouldn't want to inflict any more pain on her by making her have to relive the horrid situation that I'm sure she has tried to erase from her mind. Today, Janay Palmer posted a statement on instagram and I'm happy that I made the decision I made yesterday. As far as him losing his deal with the NFL, I think it's only right because what type of example would they be setting if they continued to let him play.

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