[Chit Chat] Tahiry Attacked At NYFW

New York Fashion Week is supposed to be filled with pretty pictures, stylish outfits and great fun. But apparently last night, things took a turn for the worst for Love & Hip-hop star Tahiry Jose. Sources say that Tahiry was brutally attacked backstage by Carlos Gonzalez, the production manager at the Helen Mills Venue. Some say Tahiry came into the venue acting extremely stush and sadditty. Some say Carlos and the PR rep for the event immediately gave Tahiry attitude and treated her as less of a person. Supposedly the comments and foul behavior offended Tahiry and she took it upon herself to tell them she did not like the way she was being spoken to and was ultimately attacked. Now, whether Tahiry had an attitude or not it is ridiculous that a production manager that is also a MAN would attack her. First of all, that is extremely unprofessional and tasteless. Secondly, a man should not put his hands on a woman at all. As we all know from Love & Hip-hop , Tahiry is known to be extremely aggresive as well as a fighter but I hope she takes the clean cut route and sues Carlos Gonzalez as well as the venue.

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