[New Music Alert] Louie V Gutta - "New Legend" (Listen & Download)


If you're like me you were unfamiliar with Louie V Gutta until the infamous 0 to 100 diss tracks between him and Meek Mill. Louie V Gutta is Meek's former friend and artist. The friendship allegedly ended over a stolen chain that didn't belong to neither party and ended in twitter beef. When Meek Mill announced that he would be releasing his album on Sept 9th, shortly after Louie V Gutta annouced that he too would be releasing a project on Sept 9th. Now, if you don't know Meek Mill is currently incarcerated therefore his album was pushed back but Louie V Gutta still decided to release his 16 track mixtape. Overall, I think the project was a great one and it includes many different producers. Lyrically, I believe Louie V Gutta totally gives Meek Mill a run for his money. While listening to the mixtape I couldn't help but feel sympathy for Louie V. It seems as if he is somewhat heartbroken by disloyalty he has experienced thus he has trust issues. I wish him the best in his life and career, he might be a "New Legend".


My favorite tracks include "My Life", "Lil Homie" and "She Don't Understand" Listen Below: