Nicki Minaj Not Allowed To Speak At Her Former Highschool


Yesterday, on twitter Nicki Minaj revealed that she reached out to the principal at her former school "Manhattan's Laguardia High" because she was interested in speaking at the school but her request was declined. Nicki Minaj explained that the school had alot to do with her becoming who she is and She wanted to share her story with students just like her. Basically, to let them know that it is possible to accomplish all your dreams and more. Nicki Minaj also expressed that maybe the principle thought she wasn't good enough. I know Nicki Minaj doesn't always have the squeaky clean image that schools would like but the reality of the situation is, not many celebrities do. Nicki Minaj is a successful woman that made nothing into something and although she might not be perfect, she is someone that many girls look up to therefore she should have totally been granted the oppurtunity.