Robin Thicke Admits Former Addiction


If you haven't heard Marvin Gaye's children are trying to sue Robin Thicke for his song "Blurred Lines" which they claim is a knock off of their father's original "Gots To Give It Up". Robin Thicke claims he was high on Vicodin and alcohol when he arrived to the studio that night to write "Blurred Lines". Healso claims that Pharrell Williams mostly wrote the song. WOW, just throw Pharrell under the bus to get you off the hook. The law suit also mentions that GQ Magazine interview where Robin mentioned that his influences include Marvin Gaye. Robin Thicke claims he was also high and drunk during that interview and almost every interview he did last year. He is now two months sober from the prescription drug and says his wife leaving him was the reason for him sobering up. He might have been so high and drunk he doesn't even remember writing the song who knows.