[Exclusive] Get Familiar With JaeMac


Hailing from the San Francisco area of California comes an artist destined for nothing but greatness. JaeMac formely of CME (Constant Movements Entertainment) is now building his brand as the owner of Fly Lane Gang Entertainment. He is an ambitious 28 year old who is not only a artist but a business man, who is determined to put the West Coast back one the map. He has worked with many people such as Dame Grease, Mazardi Fox, King Sons,Tswagg, and K.Michelle. JaeMac is building his resume and will definitely leave a mark on the industry. Read below as he chats it up with LMCC:

LMCC- So I've been to California but only L.A. what is it like being from the Bay?

JAEMAC- #ItsJustDifferent. I've traveled to hella places but ain't nowhere like The Bay. LA is more of a vacation destination. The Yay Area ain't known for being no glamorous spot. California got a rep for mad killings but I mean it's koo. We are a different breed of human. Not in a bad way #ItsJustDifferent

LMCC- When did you decide that you really wanted to pursue your rap career?

JAEMAC- 4-5 years ago. I had my hand in music since I could comprehend it. Always liked riding with my older influences through the city with slap in the trunk, feel me? The first cd I remember us riding to was that Ice Cube Lethal Injections. I was like 4 or something

LMCC-Who is your musical inspiration?

JAEMAC- My uncle was my first inspiration. When I was real young moms use to regulate on music that had curse words or was basically talking bout the streets. So I had to listen to what I could when she was home which was some old school Clarence carter (Yea I know right hahahaha) Marvin Gaye Al Green etc etc. But first cd I brought for myself was Ludacris "Back for the first time". I was heavy into the No Limit and Cash Money wave too.

LMCC- Who in the industry do you most look up to, business wise?

JAEMAC- 50 Cent. Business Wise. I can't leave out Diddy and Jay Z either tho.

LMCC- There's a New York rapper by the same name, do you guys have any connection?

JAEMAC- Nah I never heard of him. I've only seen me when I google Jae Mac. Shoutout Tara Thomas Agency.

LMCC- What do you think is the hardest part about being a rapper?

JAEMAC- Managing time. It's hella work to be done when you work for yourself. Because that's what being a "rapper" is working for yourself. If u can't understand that being a "rapper" ultimately means being a business man it's gonna be a rough and long road.

LMCC- What do you think is the biggest problem with the rap game today?

JAEMAC- Samething that's seems like it's always gonna be a problem which is authenticity.

LMCC- If you could do a song with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

JAEMAC- Micheal Jackson. King of MUSIC.

LMCC- What is you're favorite thing to do when not rapping?

JAEMAC-Spending time wit my kids my homies and enjoying the short break from working hahaha. I play basketball rollerblade (Shoutout Vinny Minton and Korey Sneaky Waikiki) going crazy online gaming and I just started playing soccer too. #ItsJustDifferent

LMCC- What is the biggest obstacle you had to overcome in your life or career?

JAEMAC- Trusting people in my circle. I have been involved in situations were I was promised certain things that never came of existence. The team I have with me now is straight. I ain't gotta question no one round me. Already went that process of elimination.

LMCC- Would you ever consider doing a reality show, let's say "Love & Hip & Hop"?

JAEMAC- I'm open to opportunities if the circumstances right. I'm working with CMOA (Celebrity Mamas Of Atlanta) which includes Mama Joyce Mama K Camp Mama Cash Out Mama T.I. and more. Shoutout my brother Paul Allen on Love and Hip Hop L.A. SODMG representative.

LMCC- Who would you say are the top 5 rappers out right now?

JAEMAC - Kevin Gates and K Camp killin right now. Migos Young Thugga and Nikki Minaj gettin most plays I feel like.

LMCC-Who do you think are the most underrated rappers in the game?

JAEMAC- I feel each "rappers" rating depends on his grind and how long he can maintain it. It's a lot of dope artists out here who haven't been heard but end of the day it's no one fault but your own if your music is never heard. This business is fulla sharks can't be no guppy out here. No grind no shine.

LMCC- What can we expect from JaeMac in the future?

JAEMAC- Everything! Tara Thomas Agency has been making a hard push with my career and I'm grateful for every tweet email event etc etc they do for me. I'm working on my next project #ItsJustDifferent mixtape . It's set to have a few good features and dope tracks. I'm working with Celebrity Mamas of Atlanta which is being co produced by Tiny Harris. I'm putting my foot in a lot of things and just gonna keep pushin and not letting nothing stop my grind.

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