[Chit Chat] Jermaine Dupri Being Sued By Ex-Friend & Claims He Is An Ungrateful Bastard


Jermaine Dupri's former friend Taddrick Mingo is suing him claiming that he worked as his assistant for years and never got paid. I guess this allegation totally pissed Jermaine off because he is now counter suing him claiming that Taddrick was never his assistant but a friend that he went above and beyond for. Jermaine claims he allowed his friend to stay in a two bedroom condo rent free, allowed him free studio time, gave him a free computer and allowed him to drive his hummer he ultimately crashed which Jermaine is now suing him for. Now, we all know there's always three sides to the story, his, his and the truth. I'm not to sure what the truth is but I would love to know what the falling out was about in the first place.