[Chit Chat] Wendy Williams Says She Doesn't Know Who Charlamagne Is


During a recent interview with Elvis Duran, Wendy Williams was asked about Charlamagne The God and she just continously repeated "who" like she had no idea who he was. Now, if you remember Charlamagne worked as her co-host from 2006-2008 on her radio show and did some work for her in 2009 for her talk show. Clearly there is NOOOO WAY that Wendy Williams doesn't know who Charlamagne is so that was nothing but shade. Earlier this year while on "The Arsenio Hall Show" Charlamagne had admitted he hadn't spoken to Wendy Williams in years because of a falling out with her husband but had nothing but love for her. That was a very mature answer to bad Wendy Williams couldn't deliver a similar answer during her interview.Well she is the queen of shade sos what could we really expect?