[Chit Chat] Tyga Claims Young Money Is Holding Him Hostage

Lastnight things got a little hectic when Tyga took his frustrations about his album not dropping to twitter. He claimed that the music industry belongs to the devil and his album was done but Young Money was procrasinating the release. Read the tweets below:

-Gold album been done. my label holding me hostage so i can’t release nothing. might just leak it for my fans then let them make $ off it.

-The music industry is a devils playground. Im a man of God.

-#LastKings is what i built and the only thing I rep.

-Ain’t no one man go stay in the same spot forever that’s a sucka. Im a hustlerso I took what lil bit he gave me and doubled up – 2pac

-Never bite the hand that feeds you. But never starve for the hand that doesn’t. #LastKings

But, it doesnt stop there, Mack Maine must have gotten wind of the tweets and through a sub stating "Don’t forget about puttin limes in coconuts!!! What you “rep” didn’t make you or build you!!" Following that Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne unfollowed Tyga on twitter.

Honestly, I'm pretty sure these allegations are true because earlier this year Lil twist tweeted something very similar. Now, I'm not saying what Young Money is doing is right but its understandable that they put artist like Nicki Minaj and Drake ahead of artists like Tyga and Lil Twist. Drake and Nicki Minaj bring in more revenue to the label so I would imagine they would be first priority.

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