[Chit Chat] Wiz Khalifa Cuffin Something New Already?

Last week Amber Rose announced that she would be divorcing Wiz Khalifa due to infidelity. According to Allhiphop.com Wiz Khalifa is devestated about his wife leaving him. Now, I have to question the truth in that statement because last night Wiz Khalifa stepped out hand in hand with some random girl, we've never seen before. Some say this might be a cover up to hide his feelings but I just don't believe it. If Wiz was really hurt, he would be focused on getting his wife back rather than prancing about the city holding hands with other girls. It seems to me like Wiz is having the time of his life being single. Dying his hair purple and running around freely with different chicks sounds like a good time for a man to me. What do you think?

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