[Exclusive] 21 Questions With Benze Lohan From BGC Season 11

A Bad Girl, A Model, A Sister, A Friend, A Grinder, A Tomboy are all things that make-up Mercedies, Known To The World As Benze Lohan....

1. What made you try out for bad girls club?

I joined BGC because it was apart of a grind I had. It was a tool that I needed for the lane I was in .

2. If you had to live in the house again, would you?

Honestly speaking, I would definitely live in the house again. I enjoyed myself the first time.

3. Was the house like anything you expected?

The experience was exactly what I expected. I know who I am & I knew that if I went into it being me , everything would pan out

and it did .

4. Out of all of the girls from Season 11, who would you say you were the closest with?

Although all of the ladies were cool at first I was close to Andrea & then she ended up leaving so later on in the show,

I became real close with Stephanie. I vibed with her more mentally. Her aura was amazing

5. I know you're a published model, not just a instagram model lol.. do you think BGC helped your career or hurt it?

As far as modeling , I think it helped. I am now able to add that " reality personality " to my resume. Even though it is Bad Girls Club & not ANTM ,it's still exposure. People who know me know that I've had an awesome run in modeling.

6. What do you think is the biggest lesson you learned from being on BGC?

I didn't learn anything during Bad Girls Club. No one was able to teach me nothing I didn't already know.What was I supposed to learn? How to get along with girls who may or may not like me? I do that everyday girl

7. BGC Season 1 & 12 included a life coach, do you think a life coach should be something that is continuously used in seasons to come?

Personally the life coach is a good look but shouldn't be used throughout the whole season. I think the life coach should come in when the season is nearly done if you ask me. I didn't sign up to hear advice from someone who doesn't know me straight from the gate. The life coach would have to learn me & I would have to observe her as well.

8. Who was your favorite Bad Girl of all time? You can't say yourself...

You won't believe it but off the top of my head, I can not tell you who my favorite bad girl is because I didn't pay attention to the seasons , I just wanted to be on it but IF , I had to call it , I would say Paula. I didn't watch her season but I was able

to get up with her after my season aired. She was the most down to earth Bad Girl. I like Jenn also.

9.What would you say to people who say BGC is scripted?

If they think BGC is scripted, they'll have to sign up and see for themselves.

10. I see your "Pretty Tomboy" hats everywhere, how did you come up with that slogan?

Ya'know, I grew up very athletic & my favorite singer of all time till this day is Aaliyah. I was always sort of the girl who wore the fly clothing but it was always baggy. I would always hear that I was " pretty to play ball " and I ran with it.

It's a complete lifestyle for me. It represents me to the fullest , it is who I am. I am the tomboy that can play ball, wear heels and sneakers I'm comfortable being sporty and pretty.

11. You are very down to earth and I always see you interact with your social media followers, how do you feel when people say negative comments?

I had always loved to interact with my people on my social networks because that was who I was before all of this . What's the point in acting like I am anti-social now .I'm human so I won't say the comments hurts but it's frustrating that people can look at t.v & have an opinion of you but make it come off as if it were in fact factual. Now that I am on the other side of the fence, I now know that it all comes with the territory. I know I'm going to have my supporters & I know I am going to have the skeptics but don't we all?

12. What's your favorite thing to do when not working?

I love to chill out, hang with my family & friends, listen to some music, sip some wine. I just love to be around love when money isn't calling.

13. You're a pretty girl, I know you drive the guys crazy... Are you single?

* laughs * you're very beautiful yourself but as easy as that question was asked, it's even harder to answer. I'm going to play it safe & say yes I am single but

then I'm not. I'm confused.It's been a long day. * smiles *

14. What do you look for in a man?

Well, where do I start? Ask me what I don't want in a man for a shorter answer. Let me see, well he has to have some stability in his life. He at least has to be

able to bring a plate to my table. Education isn't a must. I don't deduct points if you didn't finish college but if he hasn't graduated high school or have a GED

, he doesn't have a chance at all. I like my men to be all for me In simpler terms, they will have to do anything that makes me happy, that would make a normal human

being happy. I want that to be instilled in my man. Once I'm happy,he's happy.

16. Favorite vacation spot?

My favorite vacation spot would have to be California. There's not one time I've been there that I didn't want to leave.

I love California.

17. If you could spend a hour talking with anyone, dead or alive... who would it be?

* pauses for a brief moment *

Sorry , this question just hits home. If I could spend a hour talking to someone, I would just listen to my father speak.

I would listen to him breathe, I would listen to his heartbeat. Oh, the sound of my fathers voice would be so calming to my mental.He was just that type

of dad. The thought alone makes me cry. For one hour, I would practically be whole again.

18. Who is your favorite rapper & why?

My favorite rapper is Jeezy. Jeezy speaks to the streets.He glorifies his lifestyle but more importantly he talks about the real struggle.Even though

I of course didn't choose his course of action , he still speaks of " grinding " & I like that. That's why it's easy for me to listen to Pusha T & Kevin Gates.I like

people who have a grinding mentality

19. Would you consider doing another reality show?

I would definitely consider doing another reality show. It's the lane I chose. It's either that or acting.

20. What do you ultimately think makes a bad girl?

This question is asked ALL the time and I have yet to hear something that would suffice. So I am going to say it loud and clear. What makes a bad girl

is her struggle, it's her attitude about life , it's not about red bottoms, belts & bundles. You're not a bad girl because you can groom yourself.As a woman you should be able to do that. A bad girl is a young lady who lives along the lines of you and myself. One's that are grinding for theirs, ladies who aren't waiting for handouts. A bad girl is a girl transitioning into a woman , growing and fixing her flaws consistently.

21. What can we expect in the future from Benze Lohan?

Ha, there's so much to do in this GOD giving world. I just hope to keep climbing the ladder, working on myself, checking off the goals. I have to push myself to

set higher standards. I am going to continue to push my " pretty tomboy " line of course, flood the worlds instagram with my face & possibly start a new lane. Maybe, you'll see me in some movies next, who knows? I do know I am going to enjoy every minute of my life.

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