[Exclusive] What Do The Taz Angels Really Do?

722k followers, Bad B*tch link up tees, a Miami mansion, party promotions and a few exotic beauties is what makes up "Taz's Angels", or so we think..

From the outside looking in, one may think that these token Bad B*tches are living the life that we all dream of but there's a catch. Taz the creator of "Taz's Angels" to some is a modern day pimp and to others is the owner of a popular escort agency that services high profile clients.

Are followers, VIP sections, $10 legging and a free BBLU tee worth selling your body? I know what you're thinking these are all rumors but that brings me to the recruitment process.

I recently received an email from a very pretty 21 year old girl who told me about the process that lead up to a horrible night at the Taz's Angels' mansion. For weeks, a Taz angel (which she did not want to specify) began liking her instagram photos and putting heart eyes under her pics. The angel seemed very friendly and harmless so eventually they exchanged numbers and began to chat VIA text. One night the angel texted her and explained that there was going to be a really big party at the mansion and only the best people would be in attendance. Excited to party with the girls that everyone was talking about , she accepted the invitation. When she arrived there were about 10 other girls that looked very similar to her. They were all pressured to take an excessive amount of Hennessy and Patron shots. They were then called "boring" and "whack" by Kat (The Head Angel) because they weren't "turnt up" enough. As the night began to progress they were all put in separate rooms and were motioned to wait for Taz's arrival. If you gave up the kitty to Taz you were initiated into the group, if not you were called a "whack b*tch" and dismissed from the mansion. Still thinking of joining Taz's Angels?