[Chit Chat] Azealia Banks Calls White Girls Corny

Is it just me or is Azelia Banks Super Annoying? I guess since she barely gets recognized for her music she always needs to come at someone who didn't send for her or say something crazy to make herself relevant. In a recent interview with Pitchfork she talked about her feelings toward the music industry and how they exploit black culture for profit:

" It’ll be like, “For a couple of years, we’re gonna f-ck with blue-eyed soul, and here’s Duffy, here’s Adele”—who’s great—but now we’ve got a thousand white girls singing blue-eyed soul. It’s so regurgitated and corny. You have it in everything. You have it in indie rock. You’ll have Interpol, and then the National, and it’s just like, “Really, dude? Really?”

Or it’ll be like, “We’re gonna pop off the white-girl rapper,” so we’ll have Gwen Stefani and Fergie, and then it’ll get worse and worse and worse. And you’re just like, “What the f–k is this?” The whole trend of white girls appropriating black culture was so corny—it was more corny than it was offensive. Trust me, I’m not offended: All the things I’m trying to run away from in my black American experience are all the things that they’re celebrating. So if they f–kin’ want them, have them; if they want to be considered oversexualized and ignorant every time they open their f–king mouth, then f–king take it. But more than that, the art is not good. These songs are not good. It’s like, “Oh my God, you’re doing this black woman impression, is that what the f–k you think of me, b—h? I need to meet the black woman that you’re imitating because I’ve never met any black woman who acts that bizarre.” It’s crazy that this becomes mainstream culture. All of America is celebrating s–t like that. It’s so weird. "

I think as Black Americans, we should be proud that our culture is getting recognized and more people from other races are trying to be like us. I'm happy when I see white girls getting weaves, wearing eyelashes and door knockers rather that us trying to change ourselves to fit into being like them but that's just me.

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