[Skype Chat] Exclusive With Jacques Johnson


When everybody’s on the road working it sometimes hard to get up for interviews. Jacques Johnson stopped his busy day to “Skype Chat” with Lilmisschitchat.com


LMCC-You were originally a part of the Atlanta Boy Choir, why the transition?

Jacques – Rapping was always been inside of me so eventually I got bored with singing and my voice changed.

LMCC- Rumor has it, that you write all your own songs, what inspires you?

Jacques- Other people, other music. I just try to make music that everybody can relate to.

LMCC- What do you think is the biggest problem with the rap game today?

Jacques- I think music today lack content. Nobody really listen to lyrics anymore.

LMCC- Would you ever consider doing battle rap?

Jacques- Nah, I think there is a lane for everyone. Some people are good at that but not good at making music and vice versa.

LMCC- Who do you think is the most overrated artist?

Jacques- I don’t feel like any artist is overrated. They worked to get where they’re at.

LMCC- Who do you think is the most underrated artist?

Jacques- I think that people who are under other people are usually underrated. Like Chance the rapper and Stalley.

LMCC- Name some artists you like to work with in the future

Jacques- Well I’m currently working with Future and that’s someone I always wanted to work with. But I also want to work with some lyricist artists like Kendrick Lamar.

LMCC- Describe your dream girl

Jacques- Someone who understands my lifestyle and can remain faithful.

LMCC- If you had to choose between your dream career and true love, what would it be?

Jacques- I guess it would have to be my career.

LMCC- If you could talk to anyone dead or alive for an hour, who would it be?

Jacques- I know most rappers would normally say Tupac but I feel like that’s just so cliché. I would talk to Jay-z because he’s on top in the entertainment and music world.

LMCC- What can we expect from you up & coming?

Jacques- Although I can’t release the name yet, I’m currently working on my album it’s going to be super dope.


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