[My Thoughts] Is He All You Have?


Your man just dropped you home from an amazing spa day and dinner at Ruth Chris. You wanted to spend the night with him but he told you he had to go “make moves”. The next morning you woke up to no missed calls or texts. You called his phone several times and it went straight to voicemail. Your first reaction was “I know he’s with another girl”. You check the alleged side chicks Instagram and see nothing. Usually when she meets up with him she takes a photo of his steering wheel or Rolex. Now you’re starting to worry; where could he be? Could he be hurt? About an hour later your phone rings “This is a collect call from an inmate at (insert your city here) correctional facility”. Yup, you guessed it your man has been arrested. He explains to you that his apartment was raided and the police took everything he owns. He also explains that his bail is $50,000 and he can be released with 10% of that. If he gets bailed out he will be able to fight his case from the outside and have a better chance of winning. Unfortunately, all the money he gave you over the past 8 months is gone. Why? Because you spent it cashing out at Bloomingdale's and Saks every chance you got. Not to mention the fact that you quit your paralegal job when you realized your man was giving you weekly allowances. You feel helpless and lost. What should you do? Your man is counting on you to help him get out of jail. It’s June 25th and your rent is due on the first. Your refrigerator is empty because you became custom to being wined and dined. Your family disowned you for dropping out of law school and quitting your job. Look at me beautiful, yea you! Don’t ever let what a man has be all you have…..

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