[Chit Chat] Kimbella & Juelz Go At It On Twitter


Lastnight after watching Love & Hip-hop, I decided to tune into Yandy Smith on Ustream. While watching Yandy receieved a phone call from Kimbella. During the phone call Kimbella explained that she and Juelz were having an arguement over twitter. Now, I'm not sure if them not being on Love & Hip-Hop is what targeted the argument but Juelz tweeted "Don't Let No Woman Cripple U Into Being The Person They Want U To Be". Kimbella then responsed " A man gets up and gets it regardless no woman is powerful enough to stop a man's bread". I honestly think Juelz might be feeling a little salty because Kimbella is beginning to build a brand on her own and his popularity is not just what it use to be. I hope they work things out, couples who have kids especially should never be going at eachother on social networks.