#PrettyBoss - Meet Brooke Bazile

#PRETTYBOSS - A female who is confident and ambitious.



Hailing from the city that works, also known as Stamford Connecticut comes a fashion model turned entrepreneur. Brooke Bazile has always had her eye on the prize. Growing up, Brooke’s family had it all but after unfortunate circumstances things began to change. Thus, a hustler was born.​

LMCC- 5 words that describe you?

Brooke Bazile- Smart , Humble , Funny , Loving , Fashionable

LMCC- What inspired you to open an online boutique?

Brooke Bazile- Since I Was A Kid I Always Been Into Fashion , When I Got To High School I Started Taking Fashion Classes And It Took Off From There .

LMCC - There are so many online boutiques out right now, what do you think sets you aside from others?

Brooke Bazile- My Online Boutique Is Different From Other Because I Sell Products That's Are Trending At The Moment , Everybody Loves All The Newest Fashion Trends But Loving The Newest Trends Can't Break Your Pockets So My Boutique Has Everything That's Hot For Reasonable Prices . You Could Look Good without Worrying About Money Anymore.

LMCC- How did you come up with the name “Viva La Snob”?

Brooke Bazile- Viva La Snob Is A Name From Nicki Mac Lipstick Its My Favorite Lipstick you Wouldn't Catch Me Without It On , The Word Snob Describe Me So Much A lot Of People Think I'm A Snob , And Think I'm Stuck Up But I'm A Very Friendly Person once I get a good Vibe From You We Could Never Go Wrong Unless You Do Something To Fuck It Up , And There Are A lot Of Other Girls Out There That Are Just Like Me & I Feel Like Being A Snob Or Getting Called It Isn't A Bad Thing , You Could Be Whatever You Want In Your Own World And Being Able To Look Great While In Your Own World Make Everything Perfect .

LMCC - If you could see any celebrity in one of your items who would it be?

Brooke Bazile- I Could See Rihanna In My Items because everyday Before I Get Dress I Ask Myself Umm What Would Rihanna Wear Today & How Would She Wear It Lol , I See Her In All My Items Not Just One but if I had To pick I would say " WHO GOT THE BLUES " Trench Jacket.

LMCC -How do you feel about other #PrettyBosses like yourself?

Brooke Bazile- I feel no way about them I just want all of them to become very successful In life with there business . Wish them all the best of luck!

LMCC- If you could sit down with anyone for an hour, dead or alive; who would it be?

Brooke Bazile - Rihanna , I Would Love To Ask Her So Many Fashion Questions Lol .

LMCC- If you have to choose between true love and the perfect career, what would you choose?

Brooke Bazile- I Would Choose Career because true love Dont last forever.

LMCC- Where do you hope to be in 5 years?

Brooke Bazile- I hope to see myself opening my own store in soho NY

LMCC- If you could give any advice to someone who wanted to start a boutique, what would you say?

Brooke Bazile- Go for it , Make it happen its 2015 this is the year to get things done making your goals come to life

LMCC- What is your ultimate goal business wise?

Brooke Bazile- Opening Store in NYC , LA , Miami & Chicago Also Haiti.



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