[My Thoughts] Main Chick VS. Side Chick

With all the stories circulating the media about cheating celebrities, it has caused an unofficial war between main chicks and side chicks. My question is why? Why do men feel the need to have a main chick and a side chick? Why do women stay with men that have known side chicks? And why do side chicks feel comfortable to play second? After Facebook debates, twitter rants, Instagram memes and some research, I think I have found some answers. When I asked the ladies, why men cheat? Most of them believed, that men cheat due to insecurity. They need numerous women to feed their ego. When men were asked the same question, they gave me two different answers. The first was the purely physical response, the “I need something new”. The second was about the actual side chick, the “I need someone else to fill in where my girlfriend lacks”. In most cases the lacking is in the sex or conversation department. I know what you’re thinking “why not just leave your girlfriend if she lacks something?” and go find someone who doesn’t lack in that category. As much as men want to pretend, they like the stability of having a main girl. They like being able to come home to a cooked meal and having someone they can bring to family events. The natural response is, why doesn’t he choose one? Why should he? We don’t make him. We allow him to have his cake and eat it too. As a main chick we feel superior, we say things like “he’s just using her for sex” and “he comes home to me”. As a side chick we also feel superior, we’re the queens of the “if she was doing what she was supposed to he wouldn’t be in my face” or “I’m the reason her man stayed out late last night”. Truthfully, what’s the difference? Who’s really better than who? It’s all the same thing…. WE SHARE HIM!