#PrettyBoss - Meet Epiphany Kendall

#PRETTYBOSS - A female who is confident and ambitious.

Meet #PrettyBoss Epiphany Kendall


Growing up in an Astoria Housing projects Epiphany Kendall experienced and observed many things. Rather than being sucked into the negative webs as many people would Epiphany used her experiences and observations for positive. She felt it was duty to uplift and empower young females thus "Hood Girls Do It Better: “The Hood Girls A-Z Guide To Success” was born.

LMCC- How did you come up with the idea to write Hood Girls Do It Better: “The Hood Girls A-Z Guide To Success”?

EPIPHANY- my mom and i came up with the idea to write a book for young girls because we saw the direction they were headed in, also young women were coming to me for advice. being that i came from making many mistakes and owning up to it, writing a book putting them on to game as well as telling them what to avoid was only right.

LMCC- What was it like growing up in Astoria?

EPIPHANY- it was pretty cool, i didn't have many friends but thats just me. the guys called me hollywood because i didn't talk to every guy that spoke to me, girl didn't like me because i was a girly girl dating the "it" guy (you know how that goes) now that were older many girls admitted to not liking me for no reason back in the day... but i love my hood.

LMCC- How do you feel about other #PrettyBosses

EPIPHANY- i LOVEEEE seeing other women doing them, it truly pushes and inspires me to do better. without other women doing them i don't think ill be here or get as far as i want to go.

LMCC- If you could sit down with anyone for a hour, dead or alive; who would it be?

EPIPHANY- martha stewart because i plan to build an empire like hers.

LMCC- If you had to choose between true love and being exactly where you wanted to be in your career, what would you choose?

EPIPHANY-every time i accomplished something major in life i didn't have a man, and a part of me was wishing i did have one to share it with. dont get me wrong my friends and family was more than enough. but there is something like the love and support from a man that loves you that is fulfilling. i say that to say that wealth and success means nothing without that special someone to share it with. so id definitely choose love.

LMCC- What advice would you give to a girl wanting to start her own business but feeling discouraged?

EPIPHANY- think about where you don't want to be and use that to push you. my fear was to live at home with my mom or grandmother a b baby baby father and a minimum wage job (NOT KNOCKING THOSE IN THAT SITUATION) my fear was ending up washed up with a hood zombie. so i keep pushing, I've always worked and went to school while following my million dreams and ideas. i never gave up and i still don't (with the help of my loved ones) even when i feel confused and down. i keep striving!!

LMCC-Who has been the most influential person in your life?

EPIPHANY- honestly a village raised me. my mother, my aunts, women i watch online. i know it sounds weird but its the truth a lot of who i am today has to do with the mixture of women that are in my life and continuously drop jewels.

LMCC- Where do you hope to be in 5 years?

EPIPHANY- in five years ill be 31. prayerfully married with 3 business's (an empire) a baby or one on the way. owning a condo in nyc and a house outside the city driving a bentley traveling the world,making a difference

LMCC- What is your ultimate goal?

EPIPHANY- to change lives. to have an influence on at least one girl so she can say because of her i didn't give up, because of her i learned to love myself. also internal peace and happiness

LMCC- What is your biggest regret thus far?

EPIPHANY- everything I've done up until i dropped my book led me to write my book, everything i do now up until my next book will prepare me for it......... no regrets

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