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#PRETTYBOSS - A female who is confident and ambitious

Meet #PrettyBoss Barbie Briscoe

Could you imagine working fulltime, a part time job on the side and running your own business? Not to mention adding in time for prayer, yoga, meditation and ofcourse "turning up". It seems like it would be alot for a 26 year old female but Barbie Briscoe has this life downpacked.

LMCC- I see you work full time, how do you manage to do that and run your business?

Barbie- As a true professional but Goddess first, I have mastered the art of balance. In life all things have a time and place. With utilization of my own office I am able to do my clerical duties in the morning while focusing on my empire in the afternoon. I process and ship all orders myself, as well as email correspondence and a slew of other things. The fast pace lifestyle of running a business keeps me young and on my toes. Also the invention of smart phones and social media has made it amazingly possible to stay in touch with my customers and all business affiliates. Bossbabe.com, a true savior, gives me great ideas daily on how to stay on the forefront in what’s new and innovating for female entrepreneurs today!

LMCC- What made you launch your own online boutique?

Barbie- Lead Singer “Coko” of the 90s girl “SWV” group nail tech use to do my claws lol. He introduced me to numerous amounts of wholesale vendors that carried an array of products. After researching and calculating the turnaround profits I said to myself "Hey I can manifest some SERIOUS money here!". Also, Onika"Nicki Minaj" Maraj is a heavy influence in my life. Nicki always speaks about the importance of branding yourself and becoming a household. I knew with Barbie Enterprises I can do just that!

LMCC- Name a celebrity you would like to see in your items

Barbie- Nicki Minaj of course! Also, Ishawana, Spice and Lady Saw those are all female dance-hall artist I admire. Alicia Keys, Azealia Banks, Jill Scott, Chrisette Michelle, oh my so many! Gwenth Paltrow, Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Pink! All of the woman mentioned are true innovators in their own way and have inspired me to showcase my own Goddess identity.

LMCC- How do you feel about other #prettybosses?

Barbie- I love to see other Goddesses gettin' it! For millenniums the world has been run by a Patriarchy! It's time for woman to take back what is rightfully theirs! Woman are creators, we are the source, the nurturers without us life does not exist. Female entrepreneurs today are laying the blueprint for our next generation of female CEOs, Presidents and future Goddesses!

LMCC-If you could sit down with anyone for a hour, dead or alive ;who would it be?

Barbie- Oh my! I say Mahatma Gandhi. He is a true spiritual leader. Gandi was so self disciplined, compassionate yet a true fighter who stood up for what he believed in the face of adversity. Drawing from his energy strengthens me as I find the balance to keep pushing forward.

LMCC- If you had to choose between true love and being exactly where you wanted to be in your career, what would you choose?

Barbie- True love of course! Success is an act of the ego. All things come when the mind, heart and soul are intact. When a human is in love the brain lets off so many endorphins and other feel good hormones. As a person begins to feel good they will attract more feel good situations via the law of attraction. In response, the person will easily attract more love, more success and all that she desires. In result, success in one’s career will come naturally as they maintain a balance of self love and a love for others.

LMCC- If you had 24 hours to live what would you do?

Hmmmmmm. Mediate for the first half of course so that I can ascended and reach Nirvana like Jesus and Buddha. Then I would spend time with the family and research how I could manifest another 40 more years on earth lol.

LMCC- Where do you see yourself in five years?

Barbie- In five years I will have my own mental/spiritual health practice specializing in child psychology, clinical sexology and spiritual wellness all under the umbrella of Barbie’s Enterprises.

LMCC- What advice would you give someone who has dreams of starting their own business?

Barbie- Do it! Go for the gusto! Research! Research! Discover who your target market is, their demographics, what they look like physically. Create customer surveys and give away free samples to see how the public takes to your company. Educate yourself read books like Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Robert Kiyosaki to help get out the rat race of life and get into a billionaire mind set. The secret by Rhonda bynres has helped me tremendously because it adds to spiritual wellness. The human body is so important it is our Earth suit. If we do not take care of ourselves internally we cannot produce anything of quality that others would want to invest in. Join a gym, walk to work instead of drive. Get loads of sleep and most importantly cut out all that sugar and high fructose corn syrup. If you aspire to be a billionaire you have treat yourself like a billion dollars first. Last which should have been the first is feel good and have faith. It is through the power of faith within ourselves do we manifest the desire of our dreams. Namaste Goddess and thank you for this opportunity.

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