[My Thoughts] Are You Dreaming Or Doing?


I was scrolling down instagram and I came across a post that read "success doesn't come easy, you have to work your a** off for it". This grabbed my attention because I constantly hear people saying what they want to do or who they want to be but I rarely see them same people working toward that goal. How can you be 21 telling the world you want to be a lawyer but yet your not in school? How can you call yourself a rapper but your music is only heard by your friends? Why aren't you taking the extra step to have your music heard? How can you say your going to be rich but not know how? Dreams do not come true by dreaming. Dreams come true by pursuing them. Goals become accomplished by working toward them. Now I'm not perfect I am known to procrastinate a lot of situations so this blog is for me as well. We need to stop dreaming and start actually doing. Time wasted doing nothing or gossiping can be used productively. Before you tell someone your dreams ask yourself what are you doing to pursue them?