[Exclusive] Chit Chat With Shay Xclusive


LMCC-Who or what inspired you to start designing clothes?

SHAY-Nobody really inspired me to start a clothing line. What inspired me was the fact that I love to dress but a lot of brands that I wanted to rock didn't really have to much in my size so I always had a eye for dope clothing so I figured why not teach myself how to sew I mean learning is the hard part but once U get the sewing down pack and you have that creative mind it's up from that point.

LMCC- What celebrity would you like to see in your pieces?

SHAY-To be honest the WEEKND is amazing, teyana Taylor, PHARELL is dope, Rico love was one but I already had him in one of my leathers that was a blessing he's so humble n dope, usher SWAGG is crazy.

LMCC- Name your top 5 favorite designers of all time.

SHAY- I don't have a top 5 favorite designer but my guy kellz mania is a damn beast he's so humble and so creative I love the way he puts things together even down to the way he dresses.

LMCC- What do you think sets you aside from other designers?

SHAY- The thing with me is im not scared to step out my comfort zone im a freestyle designer I create off my emotions and I love reactions like when I drop anything my pieces always end up sold out I feel like my creativity is beyond 2015 each year im 3 years ahead. My pieces are one of a kind I don't manufacture my work so it's basically how ever many pairs I want to drop.

LMCC- What do you think other designers lack?

SHAY- Creativity and drive. I feel like most designers are in it for the money I mean who don't want money but when your heart is in it and you do it because it's your passion and you love it the money will always come

LMCC- What do you look for when searching for models for your brand?

SHAY -Models... I love naturally beautiful females I love a female who can body anything I have a friend her name is Aura and her SWAGG is just beyond this world she can pull off any fit and any color hair so I always tell girls and U can't SWAGG like aura we can't work.

LMCC- If you had 24 hours to live, what would you do?

SHAY- I would sleep man lol anybody know me know I'm a workaholic so I would sleep the whole 24 real talk

LMCC-If you had to choose between true love and being exactly where you wanted to be career wise, what would you choose?

SHAY- I'll always choose my career that's my 1 true love that is me that's what has my heart the reason why I'm here now the reason I'm happy the reason I work so hard to keep it going relationships will always be around n so will girls but this fashion thing is now or never and since I'm here now I'm going to do my thing and make the best of it.

LMCC- If you could sit down and have dinner with anyone, dead or alive; who would it be?

SHAY -My grandmother that lady has my heart I would take her where ever she wants to eat and just enjoy her company

LMCC- If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

SHAY- Nothing I feel like everything about me made me who I am today I learned from my mistakes im smarter stronger im more focus and I'm blessed it's amazing.

LMCC- Where do you hope to be 5 years from now?

SHAY- Well I'm opening my first boutique JUNE 16 im super excited it going to be downtown Manhattan that's a beautiful blessing. 5 years from now I want to have 2 more boutiques so 3 in total. I'm grind hard so 5 years from now I will be a success story I definitely want a family 5 years from now I just want to continue staying blessed accomplishing goals and enjoy my life

LMCC-What is your ultimate goal?