[Fashion Chat] Gender Bending In Fashion


Hey Ya’ll it’s me Tory Dean and I am Kylie Jenner’s Best Friend. Today I want to take about Fashion Equality more specifically "gender bending”. This week it has come to the news in a big when When Jaden Smith was seen rocking a skirt. My issue with this is Gender Bending is not a new practice. Female rappers did it all the time, DA BRAT, Missy Elliot, TLC, even the late Aaliyah. Fashion Models like Shawn Ross have gender bended on the runway. And believe it or not A lot of male straight Rock Stars have done the whole man in a dress ordeal, It was HUGE in the 90s. The late Kurt Cobain on occasion put on a dress. Jaden Smith is doing nothing for Fashion Equality by putting on a skirt, he is just bring more awareness and that is a cool thing I think. Even some high schools had gender bender day! Gwen Stefani and Angelina Jolie let they’re own kids gender bend at such a young age.

Also since when are clothes and colors still gay? Why if a guy where’s pink, he’s gay? maybe he just likes fucking pink. If I can walk into TopShop or Forever21 and pick up a “girls" shirt or shorts or dress and try it on take out my money and say I want to buy this and I am not denied then gender bending should not be news. We should focus more on not giving it a name because its just waring what YOU like, thats what fashion is.