[Fashion Chat] The 2015 VMAs

Hey, Whats up, Hello! I've been M.I.A for a long time now. But I am back and bringing you what stood out to me on last nights technicolor carpet at the VMAs

Nicki Minaj: Nicki Looked flawless in this sparkly gold gown, It was just the right amount of sexy but she still looked class. Her Bangs were a nice added touch! This is so much better than crazy pink haired Nicki in 2010. We enjoyed this look! 10/10 for this look Miley Cyrus: Some say it was too much! BUT Lil Kim wore a nipple pasty in I believe 1999. Madonna has done this if not worse. Miley is a controversial pop star its her shtick to be shocking and provocative. She did a great job hosting. People say she looke trashy but I think she was just a young girl having fun! 6/10 for this look. Taylor Swift: Taylor's normal is a gown, right? That is why I LOVED when she showed out in this printed two piece! Only thing I would say is I would have liked her pants to fit better. Every time she went to get an award she kept pulling her pants up so the don't sag down. But other than that for Taylor Swift this was a great choice. Its nice to switch it up. Her hair and make-up was flawless as well. Honorable Mentions!

Dumblonde: (Aubrey O'day and Shannon Bex) New Alternative Dance duo dumblonde showed up last night. While some may say this look is not attractive for them its amazing! It represents them and who they are as artist! Aubrey's dress looks so amazing and artistic! 10/10 Shannons Dress is great as well although I wish she did a shorter dress like her band mate because it would have made them look move cohesive as a duo! But her dress was nice. 8/10 Tell me what you think of these looks and if there are any that I should have covered in the comments bellow follow me on twitter @toryydean on IG @torydean