[Exclusive] Chit Chat With Jelaminah From BGC Season 14

Jelaminah stepped into the Bad Girl's house full of life and fun. She was hated on for her saditty attitude and friendship with the Clermont twins. Thus, she had to beat up a few chicks and in the end her prized possessions were ruined by cast mates. Today, Jelaminah is building her brand and showing the world all about "The Jela Show". Check out our exclusive interview below:

LMCC - What made you want to join the bad girls club? Jela - I felt like I could bring something new to the show. They were casting in my city and I was like, "hey, why not".

LMCC - What was the casting process like? Jela - The casting process was long and intense. They got in all of my business lmao.

LMCC - What made you gravitate toward the Clermont twins? Jela - It was because we were on the same wavelength. Like attracts like. They were some pretty, fly chicks and we just hit it off.

LMCC- How did you feel when your stuff was ruined and the oxygen producers did nothing to help and then sent you home? Jela - I felt so betrayed. It was like receiving multiple slaps in the face. I just couldn't believe they allowed it to go down like that.

LMCC - If you were given a chance to do the show over would you and if so what would you change? Jela - I honestly don't know.

LMCC - What are you currently working on? Jela - I'm working on my clothing line Normal Culture. I've also been working on my acting skills, so hopefully you'll get to see me on the big screen soon.

LMCC - If you had to choose between true love and being exactly where you wanted to be in your career, what would you choose? Jela - Dang. That's hard. I would say my career. It takes time, dedication & hard work to get to where you want to be in life. I feel like on the way to building my empire, I just may get lucky enough to fall in love.

LMCC - If you could sit down and have dinner with anyone dead or alive who would it be? Jela - Oprah.

LMCC - Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Jela - I want my brand to be worldwide. I want to be an A-list celebrity. I want to be actively modeling for the top designers and acting in the best movies.

LMCC - What is your ultimate goal in life? Jela - To help people.

Be Sure To Visit Jelaminah's Tumblr http://normalculture.tumblr.com/

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