[My Thoughts] 15 Unsigned Artists From NYC That Put On In 2015

Hailing from New York City , the birthplace of Hip Hop it is sort of inevitable that Hip Hop will have some sort of influence on your life. At this point in time, I think Hip Hop is in it's best state since the 90s- Early00's. Right now, I think Hip Hop may even have the biggest influence on people as a whole than ever before. No matter where you turn in this big apple you will find some element of Hip Hop. Whether it be battle rapping, cyphers, fashion or break dancing; all roads seem to lead to one place. As we come to the end of the year, I think it's only right that I list a few dope artist that I think have not only blessed us with dope music and visuals but have worked super hard to build their brand. This list is in no specific order.

Dave East - As a child Dave East had dreams of becoming a NBA player but due to certain obstacles his path shifted. He then decided to put his energy into music. Apparently, that worked very well for him because he just landed a deal with rap legend Nas. Dave East is the perfect example that dreams do come true.

Tray Pizzy - Over the past couple of years, Tray Pizzy has stood out to me for being one of the more creative artists. This past year I have noticed, that not only has his music evolved but his fan base has as well. He is definitely a New York favorite right now.

Jaquae - Jaquae has definitely proved to have a crazy hustle. His song "My Pieces Hittin" and "That's Harr" are super hits. Walk down a NYC block and you're guaranteed to hear a car driving by blasting one of those songs. He is walking testimony that hard work pays off.

Westside Parle - Fresh home from a 3 year bid, Westside Parle has been locked in the studio and on his grind. He dropped a video entitled "Been Uptown" and his fans showed him love just as they did back when he was on 106 & Park's Freestyle Friday.

Jae Tips - Jae Tips has gained popularity for his dope sneaker collection and unique storytelling capabilities. He has been featured on many blogs and is definitely a Uptown favorite.

Manole Rose - Manolo Rose gained much popularity for his hit song "Run Ricky Run". I actually had the pleasure of interviewing him and I can honestly say that not only is he a talented artist but a very intelligent individual. I am definitely expecting alot from him.

Neek Bucks - Neek Bucks has definitely been putting Harlem back on the map. For a 20 year old he has some bars and great world play. Neek Bucks is known for affiliating with people like Jim Jones and Juelz Santana.

Dyce Payso - One of the most important things to me when it comes to artists is consistency. Dyce Payso is someone who I have watched be very consistent with dropping music as well as using strategic ways to promote his brand Bossbred.

Tank Tompkins - Tank Tompkins is putting on for Brooklyn with his classic Hip Hop sound and witty word play. He's definitely bringing back real bars.

  • Swave - Swave has definitely been putting on for the Bronx this past year. His hard work and dedication has definitely landed him a spot as one of my favorites.

  • Young B - Bianca known to the world as Young B for her hit "Chicken Noodle Soup" is all grown up now and has been grinding like crazy. A lot of people doubted that she would make it back to the top but for some reason I always had faith in her career. Bianca will now be starring on the next season of Love & Hip Hop.

  • Shadow The Great - Shadow The Great is taking the world by storm with his unique sound and captivating flow. He is definitely putting on for Loaf Muzik.

  • MVL - Kid Capri's daughter Vina Love and Joe Mil Vill together are MVL. The duo gained popularity when they remade Mya's 2000 hit "Best of Me" . The quickly went viral and became everyone's favorite couple. I had the pleasure of watching them perform over the summer and the energy was amazing.

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