[Exclusive] Chit Chat With Cee The Boss Of WGHTV/QOTR

First lady of WeGoHard TV and Queen Of The Ring Favorite, Cee The Boss talks to Lil Miss Chit Chat about her most challenging battle, Nina Cruzae and making a transition into main stream music.

LMCC- What Made You Want To Join The Battle Rap World?

CEE- My cousin's boyfriend and my bro King Moneyy was a battle rapper and they basically introduced me to Wegohard TV. I was a fan of the battles so he brought me in under the wing.

LMCC - What Do You Think Sets You Aside From Other Female Rappers?

CEE- The fact that I came in an all male league. The bar for bars was higher and my performance and flow was on lock by my third battle.

LMCC- What Battle Do You Think Was The Most Challenging?

CEE - My most challenging was Myverse cuz she had the best pen. Also one of my favorite battles.

LMCC -Which Battle Do You Think Was The Least Challenging?

CEE- My first battle with lady raw. She was garbage. I wanted to battle Nina but she dubbed me lmao. LMCC - What Is Your Relationship With Nina Cruzae?

CEE - That's my heart, my right hand one of my best friends. I couldn't ask for a better wing man her heart and loyalty is unmatchable.

LMCC - Tell Me About Your Upcoming Tag Team Battle

CEE -Feb 7 people gon see how in sync we really are. This battle bigger than bars we gotta step move and speak in harmony. But that's natural so I really can't wait

LMCC- Who Do You Think Is The Most Overrated Rapper Of QOTR?

CEE - Bonnie

LMCC- Who Do You Think Is The Most Underestimated Rapper Of QOTR?

CEE - Nina

LMCC - Who Are Your Favorite Rappers Of We Go Hard TV?

CEE - Steams King Moneyy Carter dmoney and chess

LMCC- Do You Plan On Transitioning Into More Mainstream Music?

CEE - Definitely. After this two on two I'm falling back from battling and focusing on my music

LMCC - If You Have 24 Hour To Live, What Would You Do?

CEE - Rob everything moving and make sure my fam is good before I go

LMCC - If You Had To Choose Between True Love & Being Exactly Where You Wanted To Be In Your Career, What Would You Choose?

CEE - I would choose my career

LMCC - If You Could Sit Down & Have Dinner With Anyone, Dead Or Alive; Who Would It Be?

CEE - Definitely Hov.

LMCC- What Can We Expect From You Up & Coming?

CEE - I'm working on a project called Beauty & the beat. I'm also working on a lot of features and videos that you can look forward to seeing in 2016

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