#PrettyBoss - Meet Bawse Kitty

A love expert, a cam girl, a sugar daddy specialist , a writer and a boss are all things that make up Bawse Kitty. I had an amazing time chatting with her. Read below as we talk upcoming projects, true love and Kim Kardashian.

LilMissChitChat - Describe Bawse Kitty.

Bawse Kitty - Energetic, Fun, Bossy... Actually Really BOSSY! I promote love and true friendship. I'm just super open about all my experiences in hopes of helping someone else out.

LilMissChitChat- How did you gain your popularity?

Bawse Kitty - I started a heartbreak blog and a lot of girls related to it and began following my blog as well as my other social media accounts.

LilMissChitChat- How did you start webcaming?

Bawse Kitty- A lot of people would reach out to me and ask me to do webcamming but I was never really interested. I then started communicating with a girl online who was a very successful webcam model and she introduced me to a site where I made lots of money.

LilMisschitChat- What message do you have for girls interested in the adult industry (ex. webcamming, stripping, escorting etc)?

Bawse Kitty- My message would be to make sure you're knowledgeable and aware. Also, the importance of knowing your worth and not selling yourself short.

LilMissChitChat- I read your blog where you give girls advice on sugar daddies, what gives you that expertise?

Bawse Kitty- I have a lot of family and friends who are actually very successful sugar babies. I've learned a lot from watching the people around me.

LilMissChitChat- What do you think is the biggest issue girls face in this generation?

Bawse Kitty- I think the biggest issue is girls trying to find confidence through other people. It's cool to look up to someone but it's also important to have your own path. My main goal is to help girls learn to be 100% themselves.

LilMissChitChat- If you had 24 hours to live, what would you do?

Bawse Kitty - I would visit family for half of the day. The other half I would probably just chill alone because there's no point in going shopping if you can't take anything with you.

LilMissChitChat- If you could sit down and have dinner with anyone, who would it be?

Bawse Kitty- It would definitely be Kim Kardashian because she is a super business woman. She turned a negative into a positive. She doesn't let anyone or anything phase her. Regardless of any situation, she is always herself.

LilMissChitChat - If you had to choose between true love and being exactly where you wanted to be career/money wise, what would you choose?

Bawse Kitty- I would choose true love. If you're really in a real relationship with someone and they love you, they will work with you. Coming up with someone is always better because you actually know that person. I know my career will always come regardless.

LilMissChitChat- What can we expect from you up and coming?

I'm working on a website that caters to sugar daddies for black girls. I also want to start a super sexy, chic and luxury clothing line. I'm also working on growing as a person and being the best that I can be. I recently landed an internship with Galore magazine. You can just expect greatness from me up and coming.

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