[Event Chat] DAZE, Day 3: Entertainment Panel

As I walked into 520 8th ave, I couldn't help but remember that I'd been in this building before. When I reached the 10th floor, I was reminded that the building looked familiar because this was the same exact place where the Bad Girls Club audition was held. I checked in and was super bummed because the first row was pretty full. If you know me, you know I love sitting front and center. I then noticed a familiar face which was Jessica from ThaLSpot Ent . I then took a seat very close to her and continued to take out my laptop. Not long after I was greeted by Kyree Frazier Of Leron Entertainment, and Nigel Scott Morris, the CEO of the Daze Summit. At around 6:45pm, The panelist began to take their seats while I logged out of twitter and facebook to keep from being distracted. From left to right sat Sharee Hereford (Founder Of Dorm room TV), Avery Watson (MultiArtistry Ent), Tianna Marie (Publicist), Hip Hop Mike (Hot 97), Shaheim Cynclair (CEO Of Shahiem Says), Jamila Mustafa (BET Breaks), Daniel Williams (Wardrobe stylist), & Tanya Hoffler (Writer/Producer). The panelist discussion was hosted by Ally The Journalist, who bought a super sweet persona to the room. All of the panelist had completely different come up stories but one thing they all had in common was the fact that they reached success by overcoming obstacles and never giving up.

Two of the panelists that stood out to me inparticular were Hip Hop Mike and Jamila Mustafa. Hip Hop mike, shared stories of his childhood as a rebel, chasing down Rosenburg until he got a position at Hot 97, the importance of being genuine and wishing that he would have went to college. While, Jamila on the other hand shared an all American girl story of attending Delaware State, becoming Miss Delaware state, visiting China and working for BET. This goes to show no matter where you come from or what you go through in life, all dreams are possible.

With 30 minutes left before the end of the panel discussion, the host Ally announced that spectators would now be allowed to ask questions. I was the first and only one to raise my hand, anxious to get more information for my article. I then continued to tell Ally that I had two questions. She agreed! After, my first question two other people raised their hand in hopes to get their questions answered as well. As I began to start my second question I was rudely interrupted by Panelist #2, Avery Watson. She complained that there wasn't enough time for me to have two questions. Now, she might have had a personal problem because there was clearly enough time being that not many people had questions. Whatever it was, it extremely pissed me off because interrupting my question, takes away from my article. Instead of engaging into what may have been shade, I decided to leave the room in hopes of avoiding something that might turn into a scene from Love & Hip Hop.

Despite the pettiness, Day 3 of Daze was nothing short of amazing and inspirational. All proceeds from the Daze Summit, will be used toward sending High school seniors to college. Special Shoutouts to Nigel Scott Morris for putting together a super dope event for a great cause.

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