Blac Chyna Claims The Kardashians Are Trying To Ruin Her Career

Blac Chyna's feud with the Kardashian family has been very low lately but apparently the beef is still going on. The stripper turned reality star filed court documents claiming that the Kardashians have been trying to ruin her career since she ended the relationship with Rob Kardashian. In court documents obtained by TMZ, Chyna states: "The unwritten rule no one told (her) when she began her relationship with Kardashian is that the entire family will come after you if you leave, using their fame, wealth and power to take you down, including getting your television show cancelled (despite great ratings), spreading lies about you, and even funding a bogus lawsuit about a crumbled gingerbread house.” Do you think the Kardashians are really out to end Blac Chyna's career?

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