[Exclusive] Chit Chat With Tiffany Campbell Of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

Tiffany Campbell is the girlfriend of Love & Hip Hop's Lil Fizz but always a mother first. She is a strong black woman is goal oriented and has a super bright future ahead of her. Read below as we talk joining the cast of Love & Hop, losing friendships, being in love with your friend, her current situation with Moneice and so much more.

LilMissChitChat - Is the person we see on Love & Hip Hop the real you or is it a persona?

Tiffany - What you see if what you get. That's me.

LilMissChitChat- Do you think you lost friendships since you joined the cast of Love & Hip Hop? If so, why?

Tiffany- Yes, I lost my true friend last season. I can honestly say that I have watched a little bit of fame change a person.

LilMissChitChat- How would you describe your relationship with Fizz?

Tiffany- Dreaux and I started off as friends. I believe having a solid friendship is so important before beginning a relationship with some one. Our relationship is fun, he’s my homie! It’s a very mature and sexy relationship. We are happy, we complement one another.

LilMissChitChat - What are your current feeling toward Moneice?

Tiffany- I currently, feel sorry for her. She’s dealing with a lot of personal issues with her depression and all of that. I have tried to be cordial with her in the past but she takes me out of my element and I really don’t like to be around her. She likes to poke the bear and once I’m ready to attack she walks away then calls me later to apologize.

LilMissChitChat- Do you think Love & Hip Hop has had a positive or negative effect on your relationship?

Tiffany- So far it hasn’t had any type of effect on my relationship. We film and it’s fun, the haters on social media we don’t pay any attention to all that.

LilMissChitChat- If you had 24 hours to live, what would you do?

Tiffany- I would spend it with family.

LilMissChitChat- If you could sit down with anyone dead or alive, who would it be?

Tiffany- My biological father I have so many unanswered questions for him.

LilMissChitChat- What do you think is your biggest accomplishment thus far?

Tiffany- My son he’s absolutely amazing

LilMissChitChat- What can we expect from you up and coming ?

Tiffany- You can expect to see a lot more of me. I plan to continue my modeling career and get into acting.