Kash Doll Takes Shots At Other Dolls On New Track

If you're not familiar there has been tension between female rapper Kash Doll and other rap dolls like Asian Doll, Cuban Doll and Dream Doll. The drama started some months ago when Kash Doll made a tweet that she felt some type away about all the other dolls, claiming that they copied her name. Now, although she didn't directly speak on any of them specific, they all responded in different ways. Asian and Dream Doll had a clever response while Cuban Doll explained that she was just ready to officially change her name to Cuban Savage. The tension seemed to have died down until Kash Doll spoke on the situation in a few interviews about two weeks ago. Asian Doll and Kash Doll continued to take shots at eachother on twitter. Asian Doll eventually gave in explaining that she had came too far and Gucci Mane didn't deserve to see his only female artist fighting on camera. I commend Asian Doll for making such a mature decision given her past but the petty are always going to be petty. Kash Doll released the track below taking shots at the dolls once again.

#asiandolldiss #cubandolldiss #dreamdolldiss #kashdoll #hereigo

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