Is The Nicki Minaj Hate Train Real?

Nicki Minaj released her fourth studio album Queen last Monday. She released the album on Queen Radio surrounded by other Girl Bosses like Karen Civil, Ming Lee, Kim Kardashian, Kelly Rowland, Aaaliyah Jay, Draya and more. The Barbz were overwhelmed with happiness while others claimed that Queen wasn't her best work to date. Track #3, "Barbie Dreams", a remix to Biggie's 1994 smash hit "Just Playing (Dreams)" quickly gained popularity. Fans called it a diss track to people like Meek Mill, DJ Khaled, 50 Cent, Quavo, Bow Wow, Young Thug and others mentioned. Nicki quickly cleared the air, revealing that it was all fun and games. I seen several people on social media mention that "Barbie Dreams" was the only hot track on the album. If you are one of these people I suggest you re-listen to "Hard White", "LLC", "Sir" and "Miami". I think alot of people were expecting Nicki to release a 2018 Playtime Is Over but you can't expect that. Nicki Minaj has evolved over the years from a rapper to an actual artist. Her fan base now caters to all type of people. The Lil Kim, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B comparisons really bother me. I don't think it's fair to compare any of them. When Nicki Minaj came into the game, Lil Kim was already ten years in and already had made huge accomplishments. When Cardi B came in the game, Nicki Minaj was already ten years in with many accomplishments as well. We don't do that with male rappers unless we're talking top 5 of all time. Why do we do this with females? When it comes to media, The DJ's and Nicki, I feel like alot of people have personal issues that they allow to oversee the music. Early on in Nicki Minaj's career she didn't really appear in the media for much other than her music. If you remember, no one even knew she was dating Safaree. Most opinions about her were built based on hearsay. Therefore, unlike other artists she never built solid relationships with the media making it easier for them to speak negatively on her in any situation. Although, Nicki may have not been doing the press runs, I'm sure she has heard certain comments which caused her to form her own opinions about people in the media. Eventually, Nicki Minaj did start doing press runs and running into this people but when she did, she didn't fake the funk. Alot of times, she remembered everything that was said about her and sometimes even confronted those people. Today, makes a week since Queen has been released. Nicki Minaj lands #2 on The Billboard 200, coming after Travis Scott's Astroworld. Nicki took to twitter to speak on those numbers. See below:

Although, I'm definitely not here for the twitter rant because I believe people on certain levels should remain icon stat. We as people need to remember that Nicki is also human. How much scrutiny would you be able to take from millions of people while staying silent? I'm sure, not much. Now, think about it. Do you think the Nicki Minaj hate train is real?

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