Gangtivity, The Movement.

Rising from Brooklyn, the birthplace of rap legends like Biggie and Jay-z comes Gangtivity. “ A collective of individuals moving forward as one towards achievement or desire." A rockstar, a hipster and a creative is what makes up this trio, who has been killing the underground scene in Brooklyn since 2010. If you're not familiar, Bam Vito, the rugged rockstar has always been known for his unique wordplay. Fleego who is also the brand ambassador of the crew, brought his creativity and passion for music and fashion to the table during the middle of Bam Vito's career. In 2014, the third member Mitchleading joined the crew bringing an element of "hippy rap" to the group making them a dynamic trio. Unlike other rap groups, it's more than just music for Gangtivity. The trio prides themselves on curating a positive movement and giving opportunities to other upcoming rappers, producers, tattoo artists, directors, and fashion designers working toward a common goal. Gangtivity continues to create dope music and pave the way for other creatives like themselves. Be sure to listen to their latest project now streaming on all platforms.

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