Pardison Fontaine Causes An Internet Frenzy With "Rap Charlamagne"

Newburgh native Pardison Fontaine continues to stir up the internet with new video "Rap Charlamagne". If you're not familiar, he most recently gained attention for being the writer behind Cardi B's "Be Careful". This is ironic to many because "Rap Charlamagne" is rapped over the same beat as Nicki Minaj's "Hard White". I've personally never been to Newburgh but from the video it seems like things can get real gritty. Rumor has it, that the video may have been removed from Youtube for the shots at the Trump dummy or for the crack sale made by a woman with a baby in her arms. I'm not completely sure why the video was removed but it's definitely a must see, not to mention Pardi just never disappoints when it comes to the music.

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