Female Rappers Get Physical At Rolling Loud

Apparently, the new school female rappers are really living what they rap about. Since the line up for Rolling Loud in the Bay Area was announced, fans predicted that things could get a little crazy given the beef between people like Asian Doll, Cuban Doll, Lil Kayla, Noni Blanco and Stunna Girl. As suspected things definitely went left. It all started when Noni Blanco crossed paths with Cuban Doll and attempted to spit on her. Later that day, Lil Kayla was asked about her stance on the situation while on Instagram live. I'm not completely sure of her role in that beef but she definitely took shots at Cuban Doll and Sukihana stating that she was basically ready for war. The next day Lil Kayla crossed paths with Cuban Doll, Kold Killa of Bangg 3, Stunna Girl and Sukihana. When Stunna Girl noticed Lil Kayla she immediately began to throw blows as Lil Kayla threw a drink her way. Rumor has it that Cuban Doll, Kold Killa and Sukihana followed up jumping Lil Kayla. If you're not familiar Lil Kayla and Stunna Girl have had beef for sometime now over bookings in the Bay Area. I'm not sure what's next for the girls but hopefully the beef produces some really good diss tracks. Check out the full tea below, courtesy of FemaleRappersShadeRoom.

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