Cardi B Announces Break Up With Offset Following Alleged 3 Sum Scandal

Late lasnight, Cardi B took to Instagram to reveal that her and Offset would be calling it quits. She claimed that things haven't been working out for a little while now and that the took were no longer in love. This announcement follows text messages that were released the night before stating that Offset planned a 3 sum with Cuban Doll and an unidentified woman but it never went through. Cuban Doll and Offset both denied the allegations but many still believed the story to be true. Some have even made the assumption that Cardi B may have known of the situation before hand. I'm not sure if you rememver but last month, Cuban Doll was set to perform at Cardi B's Fashion Nova release event but was dropped at the last minute. Many believe this situation may have something to do with it. I'm not sure what the real tea is but it's unfortunate that Cardi B and Offset could not make it work, especially for baby Kulture.

Below are the messages that were released:

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