Cardi B's Publicist Accused Of Being "Ghetto", Cardi B Claps Back

Earlier today, Cardi B and her publicist were in an Australia airport when a fan said "No wonder your husband left ya" after being denied a photo. Cardi B's publicist immmediately went into defense mode and stated that she would smack the fan. Watch below:

Many people felt uneasy about the situation, claiming it ghetto and unprofessional. Cardi B then went on to Instagram with a now deleted post to say that her publicist is for her and was there when no one wanted to work with her.

Now, being unbaised and pretending I have no hood background. I do believe this behavior is unaccepabtle for a publciist. I worked in PR for a few years and publicist are suppose to bring out a certain side out of their clients and remove other aspects in when in the public light. Granted, Cardi's publicist has done that to a certain extent but she should never be seen on camera acting that way. But if we're being real talking hood girl turned PR for someone who has been or became a close friend we can't expect A1 behavior and it is what it is. What do you think?

#cardib #publicist #australia

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