21 Rising Artist To Watch In 2019

The first quarter of 2019 has begun and artist everywhere are working super hard to start this year off strong. Unlike other bloggers, I pride myself on knowing who's next up before the masses even realize the artist is up next. Below is a list of artist that you should keep your eye on in 2019 before they really blow. Special thanks to @ivylikeblu, @infaxwetrust, @hiphopshadespot , @thehiphoplab and @femalerappermusic for helping me with this list which is in no specific order.


Vontee The Singer- Hailing from the Parkchester section of the Bronx known as"The Plenty" comes Vontee The Singer. His single "Down" produced by Ness gained over 80k plays on Soundcloud with no major backing last year. Vontee is set to release a few projects this year which I'm sure will do major numbers once heard by the right people.


Kidd Kenn- Kidd Kenn is an openly gay rapper who really has bars. You may have seen him hanging out with other Chicago natives like Queen Key and G Gotti. The gag is he’s only 15 and can rap better than alot of people twice his age. I’m sure he is going to break the internet this year.


  • Robnhood Tra- Atlanta rapper Robnhood Tra is known for having a troubled past and has even appeared on the television show 60 Days In, as one of the inmates who got into an altercation. Since his release, he has been extremely focused on his music career releasing dope videos and growing his fan base. I'm looking forward to him making alot of noise this year.


  • Rich Ice- Rich Ice makes music for the streets. In his lyrics he illustrates personal experiences as well as his lifestyle. Most recently, he’s been known for his co-sign and features with fellow Harlem native Vado. Ice’s dedication and consistency has labels looking his way. His hard work and determination to be the next millionaire out of Harlem, makes him competition for alot of artist .


  • Posa- Posa is the hottest thing coming out of Alabama. He recently inked a deal with Think It’s A Game Records under Warner Brothers. Last month, Posa released a single entitled “In a Minute” featuring Q Money and it has already gained over 1 million views. In 2019 he will be on everybody’s playlist.


  • Mia Kodak- Mia Kodak is a dope artist who brings vocal and bars to the table. People have compared her to the likes of Tink and I agree. Her first project Mistakes and Heartbreaks dropped in 2018. I expect her to obtain a loyal following this year and make major moves. ​


  • Sean Doe- From Sean Doe’s freestyles and singles, you can definitely tell his word play is different. Studying many of the greats, bars are important to this Bronx native. This year he will be releasing his first full body of work which I’m sure will set the streets on fire.


  • Knocka- Knocka has had a name in New York City for sometime now. The Harlem native has collaborated with people like French Montana, Chinx Drugs,Max B, Nicki Minaj and many more. The visual lyricist was forced to take a brief hiatus when he was arrested for bank fraud by the feds. 15 months later, he is back, focused up and set to release a project that will definitely change the minds of people who thought it was over for him. ​


  • Gangtivity-Gangtivity is a collective of Hip Hop artist who have been shaking the streets of Brooklyn for a few years now. Bam Vito (a talented wordsmith), Fleego (a business minded, trendsetter with a passion for music) and MitchLeading (a backpack trap rapper) is who makes up this collective. Since the release of their latest group project Gangtivity World, with the help of manager Jocelyn Rivera, the group continues to grow their fan base and buzz throughout the city. I can only see them going up from here.


  • Pretty Savage- Hailing from Norfolk, Virginia comes Pretty Savage. Her name describes her perfectly. She's a cute girl with gritty bars that you wouldn't expect to come out of her mouth. I think she's really going to put Virginia on the map this year.


  • Kash Juliano- Cinematic Music Group's Kash Juliano has had a tact for music from an early age. He was originally recognized for his writing skills and signed a publishing deal under Wonda Music. With this publishing deal, Kash wrote for many grammy nominated artist. Today, he has a recording deal with Cinematic Music Group. He is definitely a well rounded artist and I’m super excited for him to put on for himself this year.


  • Vino World- Harlem's Vino World is an artist that just has undeniable talent. Many people compare him to the likes of Drake. His self titled project really had the city of New York talking in 2018. I'm expecting him to make some big moves this year and possibly even sign to a major label if that's what he's looking for.


  • Reign- Allepac Records R&B group Reign is definitely a problem. Each girl brings something different to the table giving us females a vibe we haven’t felt since Destiny’s Child, 3LW and Blaque. Once their music gets heard by a bigger audience, these girls are going to automatically pop.​


  • JetGang Zay- JetGang Zay just turned 20 but he is definitely ahead of his time. The Bronx native uses his experiences and lifestyle to make hits that you just can’t deny. 2019 is going to be the year he gains recognition outside of our city.


  • Vina Love- Vina Love, the daughter of DJ Kid Capri first hopped on the scene as a boy/girl Duo MVL. Their remix to classic hit “Best Of Me” gained over 500k views and had everybody screaming #goals. Currently, Vina has been focusing on her career as a solo R&B artist. She has a soulful voice with the swag of the fly girl next door. She’s definitely going to be a problem this year.​


  • Neek Bucks- Harlem’s Neek Bucks has been a problem for sometime now. You just can’t deny his bars. Back in May, he linked up with YFN Lucci for song “One Day” which gained over 1 million views on youtube. I believe in 2019, Neek Bucks will get the respect he deserves.


  • Azjah- California native Azjah also known as the "Princess Of Compton" brings a R&B trap style to the table. Her sound and style is very different from other California artist, making her a force to be reckoned with. With the right backing, I can see her having the next record like Dej Loaf's"Try Me".


  • Pap Chanel- Georgia native Pap Chanel originally gained popularity for releasing freestyle videos on Facebook. She can totally out rap a lot of relevant female rappers right now. Pap recently released a project entitled The Definition Of Pap which features Lil Baby. With continued hard work and consistency she will only go up from here.


  • Lebra Jolie- Lebra Jolie is no stranger to the industry. The Texas native opened up for Trina back in 2012 and then went on to model for a few brands and host a radio show with Texas 101 Jams. Today, Lebra Jolie’s Instagram freestyles continue to go viral. 2019 is the year she will get the recognition she deserves as a female rapper.


  • Jeezy Mula- Jeezy Mula has been putting on for Brooklyn for a few years now. He was forced to put a hold on his music while being briefly incarcerated. Thankfully, his Real Ryte brothers and fans kept his name alive. If you’re not familiar, Tax Stone mentioned him as an artist to watch while on Nicki Minaj’s Queen Radio. Jeezy Mula dropped his first video “Litty” since his release produced by Dizzy Banko. The video has already accumulated over 200k views. With continued consistency and a Trophy Life co-sign, this will be his year.


  • BBlasian- Coming from the same city as Bryson Tiller comes Bblasian. In 2017, the Kentucky native released a single entitled “Change” on Soundcloud which to his surprise gained over 100k plays in a month. The record was recorded an as apology to his mother before he became incarcerated. Bblasian was released in September of 2018 and is currently pushing to make his mark in this industry.


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