Dr. Diva Presents "Gotta Story To Tell"

"Gotta Story To Tell" is a memoir that brings you on the journey of six different women. Brought to you by Dr. Jaclyn Walker, the book is written proof that it is possible to be stronger than your struggle. Each woman has a different story of abuse, drugs, heartache and even suicide but they all have managed to overcome these issues and become successful. I think it's very important that anyone who has faced any type of trauma or struggle within, reads this book. Sometimes we need to hear about people who have went through similar situations so we don't feel alone and lost. Even if you haven't been through some type of crazy traumatic experience, sometimes you need to hear someone else's story to realize that a minor struggle you may have faced isn't really that deep. I salute each of the women in this book for being bold enough to share their story and possibly help another woman be stronger than her struggle. Be sure to purchase the book on Amazon.

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