7 Signs He's Just Not Into You

This pandemic has everyone questioning their purpose and existence. Am I overworking myself? Am I being too lazy? Is he just spending time with me because we’re stuck in quarantine? Is he really into me? I’m a firm believer that if a guy is really into you, you’ll never have to question his intent. But if you still find yourself questioning your spot in his life, here are 7 signs he’s not really into you:

1. You only get phone calls and texts when it’s time to link up for a night cap. A guy who is really into you will check on you throughout the day to make sure everything is going smooth.

2. When you text him during the day, the texts consist of super delayed responses or one word answers. Don’t get me wrong some people are just not texters but if he’s the type to always be on his phone, you know the vibes.

3. If he openly talks about other females in your presence. A guy who is truly into will never try to make you jealous and if he does, he’s toxic and you don’t need him anyways. 4. He never goes out his way to show he cares. No special gifts, no surprises, no cash apps. These things don’t have to be big, sometimes it’s the smallest gestures that mean so much.

5. He says he’s not ready for a relationship but does relationship things with you. A man will always be ready for a relationship with someone he truly wants to be with.

6. You’ve never met his family or friends. Some guys aren’t really into bringing their girl around their friends BUT if they don’t know about you there’s an issue.

7. He doesn’t post you on social media. I’m not super big on posting relationships on social media but if you’ve been dating for a few years and never got a birthday shout out, there’s an issue.