Aisha Hall Talks Being A Boss, Snitching & Up Coming Ventures

LilMissChitChat - Who Is Aisha Hall And How Would People Close To You Describe You?

Aisha - Aisha Hall is extremely motivated. Aisha Hall is a stand up chick. Aisha Hall is a survivor. Aisha Hall is a go-getter. Aisha Hall is vulnerable. Aisha Hall is an artist. She is an author, a motivational speaker, a serial entrepreneur.. There's a whole lot of tentacles to Aisha Hall.

LilMissChitChat - Who Would You Say Is Your Biggest Inspiration?

Aisha - Jay-z. He came from the bottom and worked his way up. He is really "THE BOSS" and he came from humble beginnings. I listen to the content from his first album to now and I can really see the growth. Aside from Jay-z would have to be Jamie Foxx. He represents everything that I'm trying to do. I'm not trying to do comedy but he's multi talented and I consider myself to be the same.

LilMissChitChat - Who Are Some Artist You Would Like To Work With?

Aisha - Drake, I think he's super dope. Before this Megan situation, I wanted to work with Tory Lanez but I don't know anymore. I would also like to work with Nas and Mulatto.

LilMissChitChat- What Was The Inspiration behind your "Hurt" record?

Aisha - To be honest, when the situation happened. I wanted to quit rapping. I was very emotional and turned off by the rap game. I was ready to call it quits. One of the reasons I'm so connected with Hip Hop because it's a craft that is suppose to come from a place of realness. When that happened, I felt like invaded. I felt like rap got raped and no one was standing up for her. I couldn't take it anymore and I decided to speak on it, instead of quit.

LilMissChitChat- It Seems Like In Our Generation Snitching Is More Acceptable, Why Do You Think That Is?

Aisha - I think everything is watered down. There's not many great examples of what real is. I was away when social media exploded. In those 10 years, the world has changed drastically. Before if you were living a certain lifestyle, you really had to physically prove that. You couldn't really fake it. Now, you have people looking up to people who claim to be doing it big but aren't really doing anything at all. Social media watered down the culture.

LilMissChitChat - When Did You Write Your First Book?

Aisha - I wrote my first book within the first couple weeks of me being in prison. My first day in, I noticed everyone reading books all the time. Woman would literally pass books around. It was a whole culture. I asked to see one of the books and one of the books was "Thugs And The Woman Who Love Them" By Wahida Clark. After I read the book, I read the back and it said Wahida Clark served a 10 year sentence and became a best selling author while being incarcerated. I instantly became inspired and started to write my own story.

LilMissChitChat - What Was Your State Of Mind When Released From Prison?

Aisha - I really didn't know what to expect. I kept hearing about this new way of the world with social media and stuff. I didn't really have much. I made some money while incarcerated but it wasn't enough to fully get me where I needed to be. I had to pretty much start from scratch. Aside from my family, my prison sisters really looked out for me. Jamilla T. Davis, Sunny Money From Queens, Wanna Got Class, Gia Harris and more. It honestly gave me a new found respect for woman because they were the ones really looking out.

LilMissChitChat - If You Had To Choose Between True Love & Your Career Being At Its Peak; What Would You Choose?

Aisha - I'm someone that's extremely motivated by love so I would have to go with love. I am my best and most creative self when I am in love. If I don't get the million dollar deal, that's okay because I know I can make a million while in love.

LilMissChitChat- What Can We Expect From You Up & Coming?

Aisha - I have a really big project I'm working on. I've always wanted to impact home ownership for us. I want us to experience more sophistication. I took time to create an app that will help transition renters into homeowners even if they don't have the best credit.

LilMissChitChat - Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years?

Aisha - I want to be a multi-millionaire. I want to be a mega employer. I want to be responsible for giving 1000s of jobs. I want people to work with me, not for me. I want to inspire people to chase the bag.