Grey Is The New Pink: Half Free

đź’­ MOOD: Anxious

🎧 Song: They Don't Know - Rich Homie Quan

Before I continue, let me give you guys some background information. When you get indicted and taken to jail it’s usually a federal holding. The next morning everyone usually goes to court and the Government states who they feel the need to keep and who can be let go. In some cases people are allowed to up their houses and stuff while others are let out on their own recognizance. Being that this was my first offense and I was not high ranked in the indictment,  they didn’t consider me a flight risk and let me out on my own recognizance. So like I said in my last post, I was happy to be let out to fight my case and although I was embarrassed, life had to go on. I still had to survive , and people are watching and talking so at first your trying to still maintain that image like you still got it. The Feds took all the money we had so that’s was not happening. A week after my release, my father in law was released with an ankle monitor. He owned a Tobacco shop so he spent most of his time there working, Things were so stressful for everyone in my family and my boyfriend's family. We tried our best to get things back to normal but it just wasn't happening, Now, let's rewind back to a little before the indictment. I was in nursing school from almost everyday from 8:30am to 2:30pm, sometimes later. At the time my boyfriend and I shared a car so me having the car at school interfered with him handling business during the day. Not to mention, he was cheating with the same girl over and over again. The arguments about the car and side chick, ultimately lead to me having to take a leave of absence from school. I thought to myself, I could always go back if need be plus I wanted to spend more time around my boyfriend being that I knew he was cheating. Fast forward, back to my release I was trying to figure out what I could do to get myself back on track. I attempted to go back to school but a friend of mine who was also a teacher at the school let me know that everyone was talking about me selling drugs. So I wasn't going back there. Alot of people told me, I would never be a nurse now. I was devastated. I then found another school in Hazleton, PA and signed up for scrub tech courses. I also talked to my sister in law about collaborating on a hair business. We sat down, came up with a plan, name and then ordered sample bundles. Everything we did, we split 50/50. By this time, it was early September and the kids were in school. My oldest son and her daughter both went to the same daycare. One day on my way to drop off my son, I ran into my sister in law and she let me know that she didn't want to continue the business because she felt bad accepting my money given the circumstances. She also said she spoke with her mother about it and she basically said  it didn't make sense because I was ultimately going to prison. I was a little upset but once again I stayed solid, said "it is, what it is" and kept moving. At this point, I didn't know whether I was coming or going but little did it was about to get even realer for me.