Dess Dior Illustrates Her Rich Lifestyle In New Video

Dess Dior has been in the media a lot lately for her relations with Future. Nonetheless, let's not forget the bigger picture here. Dess Dior is a popping artist on the rise. I did an interview with her earlier this year and we talked Ming Lee being an inspiration as well as wanting to collaborate with Lil Baby, Nicki Minaj and Mulatto. To be honest, I personally listen to Dess Dior regularly. Right now, I think people are sleeping on her musically. Which I believe to be a big mistake. Her star quality, and talent combined with her industry relationships will have her as big competition for some of the rap girls real soon. In June, she released her first EP Defintion Of Dess which gained her lots of attention. Now, she's back channeling her inner "R*ch B*tch".